John Glenn Schools provides supply list

WALKERTON — The following is a list of supplies by grade level by school.

North Liberty Elementary School
The following items are needed by all students:
• Two boxes sharpened pencils #2 yellow only
• Two regular boxes facial tissue
• One container of disinfecting wipes
• One bottle of hand sanitizer
• Gym shoes – non marking soles with name written inside
• One ream of white copy paper is requested for each child

• One 3-hole zipper pouch
• One plastic pencil box
• One pair of Fiskers brand safety scissors
• Four boxes of 24 count crayons
• Eight glue sticks
• One package dry erase markers (black)
• One yellow highlighter
• One pink eraser
• Two 2-pocket (any brand) plastic solid color folders with prongs
• One MEAD brand plastic 2 pocket folder with prongs
• One tablet of multicolor construction paper
• Two rolls paper towels
• One primary composition notebook

• Eight large glue sticks
• Twenty-four pencils (sharpened) plain yellow only.
• Two boxes of crayons (16 or 24 count)
• Four plain 3-prong folders-yellow, blue, green, red
• One pack of highlighters
• One package of magic erasers
• Two dry erases markers
• One composition notebook
Please do not label supplies.

• One school Box (approximately 8 x 5 inches)
• One pair of pointed scissors
• One Medium size bottle of white school glue or 4 glue sticks
• One regular size white eraser
• One box of crayons (24 or 36 count) No larger counts, please!
• One school bag or back pack
• Three pronged heavy duty Plastic Pocket folders (no trapper keepers or ring binders)
• Four dry erase markers
• One highlighter
• pair of ear buds; no headsets

• One box crayons, 24 count only
• School box, standard size, snap shut (about 8 1/2” x 5 1/2”)
• Two-pocket folders
• Glue (Elmer’s white glue, preferred; no glue sticks)
• Scissors (Fiskers are best)
• One pack of assorted colored highlighters
• One pack of dry erase markers in black
• Art shirt

• Two highlighters
• Eight glue sticks
• One box of crayons 24 pack or
• One package of colored pencils or slim markers
• Six Dry Erase markers
• Two or more packs of small post-it note pads
• Three plastic pocket folders
• One pair of Scissors
• One package of magic erasers-generic is fine
• One small supply pouch (the kind that zips is best)
• Ear buds – small enough for pouch
• One composition book without spiral-usually black and white
• 2AA & 2AAA Batteries
No binders or trapper keepers please
Other supplies needed: paper towels, accordion post- it note pads regular size, swifter dust refills, gel pens and strong masking tape.

• One highlighter - wedge tip
• No binders, please
• Two erasers pink 2x1
• One folder with prongs
• One 12 count package colored pencils or 24 package of crayons
• One glue stick 1.27oz
• Three packages wide-ruled loose leaf paper
• Two spiral notebook
• 10 2-pocket folders no prongs
• Two blue pens/2 red pens
• One zippered pencil pouch (No boxes, please)
• 2AA & 2AAA Batteries
• Four dry erase markers
• One pair of scissors
• One white board eraser
• Assignment books will be provided
• Two packages 3x5 index cards

• One 1-inch binder with the plastic overlay on the front. (For language classes)
• One package of 8 Tab Dividers with inserts
• One 3-inch binder or Trapper Keeper (to carry from class to class and from school to home)
• Two plain pocket folders with metal prongs
• Two packages wide lined writing paper
• Two highlighters
• Two black dry erase markers (use every day in math)
• One pencil bag or case
• One pair of scissors
• Two black or blue erasable pens
• Two packages of 3 x 5 lined index cards
• Two glue sticks
• One red grading pen
• Three spiral notebooks for reading, social studies, science
(Assignment book will be provided)

Students in grades K-6 meet every week. Students will be expected to donate a sharpened #2 pencil. Other art materials will be supplied in class.

The fourth grade students will do a unit of study playing the recorder. The school has enough recorders to outfit the class. Some students elect to purchase their own instrument for personal hygiene reasons, or to have the ability to play at home. Order forms for recorder kits will be available, the cost of ranges between $5- $7.

Reading: 3-inch ring binder; one package filler paper; one pencil pouch; one set of subject dividers; two dry erase markers; two packages 3x5 index cards; one package of Pencils

Pre Algebra:3- inch ring binder; one package of filler paper; one pencil pouch; one package of pencils; one scientific calculator; one eraser; two dry erase markers; and one red pen.

• Two 4oz bottles of white glue
• Four boxes of crayons
• Two black dry erase markers
• One package #2 pencils
• Two pink erasers
• Four folders
• Pencil box
• One box of tissues
• One roll of paper towels
• One bottle of hand sanitizer
• One ream of white copy paper
• One box of gallon zipper lock plastic bags
• Easy to Play Recess Game (Place your child’s name on the game )
• Backpack ( No rolling ones)

First Grade
• One 4-oz bottle of white glue
• One 24 count box of crayons
• One package dry erase markers
• Two packages of #2 pencils - replace weekly
• One large pink erasure
• One pocket folder
• Fiskar scissors
• Pencil box
• Two large boxes of tissues
• One ream of white copy paper
• Easy to play recess game (Place your child’s name on the game)
• Back pack (No rolling ones)
• Art Shirt

Second Grade
• Two glue sticks
• One box of 24 Crayons
• One Package of dry erase markers - black
• One package highlighters
• One package colored pencils
• One package #2 pencils
• Two pink erasers
• Three pocket folders
• Scissors
• One bottle hand sanitizer
• One box Zip Lock snack size baggies
• Two boxes tissue
• One ream of white copy paper
• Easy to Play Recess Game (Pls place your child’s name on the game )
• Art Shirt

Third Grade
• Four glue sticks
• One box 24-count crayons
• One box fine line markers
• One package of dry erase markers
• One dry erase eraser
• #2 Pencils ( replace often)
• One large pink eraser
• Three bottom pocket folders
• Ear Buds
• One ream of white copy paper
• Three boxes of tissues
• One box of either Quart//Gallon Ziplock Bags
• Donations of Bleach Wipes appreciated

Do Not Bring: Pencil Boxes, sharpeners, 3-ring binders, Trapper Keepers or mechanical pencils

Fourth Grade
• Crayons or colored pencils
• Dry erase markers and eraser
• 10 #2 Pencils
• One pink erasure
• One black and 2 red pens
• Two packages wide-ruled paper
• Seven pocket folders
• One ream white copy paper
• Ear Buds
• Three boxes of tissues

Do not bring: mechanical pencils, sharpeners, gel pens, pencil boxes, compasses, spiral notebooks,

Fifth Grade
• Colored pencils or crayons
• Dry erase markers and eraser
• Two dozen #2 pencils
• Personal sharpener
• Mechanical pencils with extra lead
• Two red pens
• Eraser
• Three packages wide ruled paper
• Six pocket folders
• One 2-inch 3-ring binder or Trapper Keeper
• Two perforated spiral notebooks
• Four boxes of tissues
• One ream of white copy paper
• Ear Buds

Do not bring: gel pens. plastic covered pencils, compasses or rolling backpacks

Sixth Grade
• Colored pencils
• Two dozen #2 pencils
• Erasers
• Two packages wide-ruled paper
• Four pocket folders
• One 1 1/2 or 2-inch 3-ring binder
• One spiral notebook
• Three boxes of tissues
• One ream of White Copy Paper
• Ear buds

Kindergarten: 4-ounce glue and Art Shirt
First grade: 2 Pkg of Glue Sticks & Art Shirt
Second grade; 1 Pk of 24 Crayola Crayons & Art Shirt
Third grade: 1 Pkg 24 Crayola Crayons & Art Shirt
Fourth grade: Two dozen #2 Pencils & Art Shirt
Fifth grade: Crayola Thin Markers & Art Shirt
Sixth grade: Crayola Thick Markers & Art Shirt

Proper dress for PE is particularly important for your child ’s safety. Please be aware of the days your child ’s class attends PE so that they may be dressed comfortably. Each class attends PE twice a week.
• Grades K - 4: Tennis Shoes are required. Students without gym shoes will not be allowed to participate
• Grades 5- 6: Students will change clothes for PE. Each student should have comfortable shorts or sweats, a shirt and tennis shoes. School clothes will NOT work for PE and PE clothes will NOT be worn for school.

Just Bring your Beautiful Voices!

Mrs. Rizek ’s Class
• One package dry erase markers
• My First Pencils #2 Yellow Ticonderoga
• Eight package of crayons or washable markers
• Self opening scissors
• Glue sticks
• Head phones
• Stylist
• Four boxes of tissues
• Two boxes of bleach wipes
• Two bottles of hand sanitizer
• One ream of white copy paper

Urey Middle School
Seventh Grade: Home Room Supplies
• One ream of copy paper
• Three boxes of tissues for homeroom
• One set of 24 colored pencil
• One dozen #2 pencils
• Glue stick or tape
• Four dry erase markers
• Loose leaf paper
• Eraser (white vinyl for art)
• Kneaded eraser (for Art)

Seventh Grade: Student Supplies
• #2 pencils
• Blue or black ink pens only
• Ruler with inches and metric (12 inch length)
• Protractor
• 8 pocket folders— one for each class
• Scientific Calculator
• P.E. clothes: t-shirt, gym shorts, tennis shoes, socks, deodorant
• Trapper Keeper or Expanding File Folder
• Loose leaf paper or notebooks with perforated paper
• Ear Buds/earphones
• Highlighter

Eighth Grade
• One ream of copy paper
• Scientific calculator (Recommended: Texas Instrument)
• Three boxes of tissues
• One package loose leaf paper
• One package of 10-count pencils for Homeroom
• #2 pencils
• Colored pencils - one set of 24
• 12 pocket folders — one for each class
• Notebook for math class
• 3-ring binder for Language Arts
• One package of dividers (5 sections) for Language Arts
• White rubber eraser for art
• Index cards—100 lined—3 packs!!!
• PE clothes for second semester: t-shirt, gym shorts, tennis shoes, socks and deodorant
• One 2-pack of glue sticks
• Ear buds/Headphones for computers
• Two black dry erase markers (one for math)

Many students choose to use a backpack; however, the rolling backpacks do not fit in the lockers. Also remember to get asthma inhalers filled if your child needs one available for P.E.

Please replace supplies as needed throughout the year.