John Glenn beats Judson in dual meet

WALKERTON — Steph Radant closed the gap, and Cayla Ochs opened a slim lead on the backstretch, narrowly beating North Judson’s Danielle Sallee to the hand-off. Katie Dreessen created a little space, and John Glenn’s 1600 relay squad edged out Judson’s by a mere 2 seconds to clinch the Lady Falcons a thrilling 65-63 team victory in a dual track meet at Glenn Monday.
“I knew those last three are capable of running some decent times,” said Glenn head track coach Kyle Amor. “I wasn’t scared. I didn’t know what the score was like — it’s out of your hands, you put the girls in the right events and see what happens — but they competed. I think our sprint girls are our strong suit.”
“We came into this meet 6-2, and obviously losing by two is a tough pill to swallow,”said Judson head girls track coach Kylene Lambert. “But that’s OK because we had a lot of good performances.”
While Glenn’s girls battled it out with the Lady Bluejays, the Falcon boys claimed a convincing 78-49 win over their North Judson counterparts at Monday’s meet.
Sprints and the hurdle races helped make the difference as Glenn’s Tanner Harman captured victories in both the 110 and 300 hurdles, and the Falcons grabbed the top spots in the 400 and the top two places in the 100 and 200.
Of course, Glenn’s distance and mid-distance runners didn’t look too shabby, either, as Luke Runyan and Alex Crump went one-two in the 800, Runyan won the 1600, and Stacy Noland broke the tape in the 3200.
According to Amor, Monday’s meet was in some ways a response to Glenn’s showing at Saturday’s Goshen Relays.
“We had the Goshen Relays Saturday, and we went from big fish in a small pond to guppies in the ocean, so I think it opened their eyes and made them realize we’ve got to really compete at a high level to get to that point,” said Amor. “The guys saw that this weekend and came here and were like ‘I want to do that.’ That kind of gave us some motivation.”
While they may have lost the meet, the Bluejays were heartened by a more competitive showing than they’ve had in years past, thanks largely to Quentin Barnhardt and Josh Kirk going one-two in both throwing events, a quartet of second-place finishes by Brady Tunis in the long and high jumps and the 110 and 300 hurdles, and a strong finish to the day’s meet in the 1600 relay where the Jays beat out Glenn by a 3-second margin.
“We know John Glenn has a great program,” said Judson head boys track coach Brett Lambert. “The past two years we’ve gotten beaten probably like 95-30 or something like that. We just wanted to close the gap a little bit and we did that, so we did better, but where we really want to be is where John Glenn is at. We’ve got a little way to go, but we’re definitely getting better at North Judson.”
Judson’s girls also fared well in throwing events at Glenn as Kelsi Dvorscak won the shot put, followed by Mikalah Lambert, who won the discus. Megan Block won the 200 and finished second in the 100. Olivia Lickwar claimed wins in the 800 and as a member of Judson’s 3200 relay team along with Kendall Gardner, who won both the 1600 and 3200.
“The girls aren’t happy with a loss tonight; they never are, so that’ll get us geared up for Friday,” said Kylene Lambert.
“We’ve got our Bi-County meet on Friday. That’s always a big one for us; we’re not in a conference. We look forward to it, the kids look forward to it, and it gets us ready for sectional.”
Glenn’s girls were led by Radant, who finished with four wins as a member of Glenn’s difference-making 1600 relay squad and winning 400 relay squad and as an individual in the 100 and long jump.
At Walkerton
3200 relay: 1. Glenn (Stacy Noland, Seth Baker, Alex Crump, Tony Carrasco) 9:10; 110 hurdles: 1. Tanner Harman (G) :16.19; 2. Brady Tunis (NJ) :17.37; 100: 1. Michael Childs (G) :11.22; 2. Slade Fry (G) :11.57; 1600: 1. Luke Runyan (G) 4:45; 2. John Eckert (NJ) 5:11; 400 relay: 1. Glenn (Slade Fry, Collin Hoard, Tanner Harman, Michael Childs) :44.32; 400: 1. Stacy Noland (G) :55.31; 300 hurdles: 1. Tanner Harman (G) :45.38; 2. Brady Tunis (NJ) :47.28; 800: 1. Luke Runyan (G) 2:10; 2. Alex Crump (G) 2:13. 200: 1. Slade Fry (G) :23.44; 2. Collin Howard (G) :24.31; 3200: 1. Stacy Noland (G) 10:57; 2. John Eckert (NJ) 11:14; 1600 relay: 1. North Judson (Brenden H., Wes Derflinger, D.J. W., Robert D.) 3:48, 2. Glenn 3:51; Long jump: 1. Collin Howard (G) 17-5; 2. Brady Tunis (NJ) 16-6; High jump: 1. Tanner Harman (G) 5-8; 2. Brady Tunis (NJ) 5-6; Shot put: 1. Quentin Barnhardt (NJ) 49-3, 2. Josh Kirk (NJ) 39-11; Discus: 1. Barndhardt. (NJ) 133’8”, 2. Josh Kirk (NJ) 116’11”; Pole vault: 1. Stacy Noland (G) 8-0.
Girls meet
At Walkerton
3200 relay: 1. Judson (Courtney Harrison, Kendall Gardner, Emily Surma, Olivia Lickwar) 11:39, 2. Glenn 13:36; 100 hurdles: 1. C. Croyle (NJ) 17.6, 2. Maryellen Schmalzried (JG) 17.7; 100: 1. Steph Radant (JG) 13.43, 2. Megan Block (NJ) 13.6; 1600: 1. Gardner (NJ) 6:15, 2. Lickwar (NJ) 6:27; 400 relay: 1. Glenn (Emily Schmalzried, Cayla Ochs, Elizabeth Dodson, Radant) 53.44, 2. Judson 55; 400: 1. Katie Dreessen (JG) 1:06, 2. Danielle Sallee (NJ) 1:09; 300 hurdles: 1. M. Schmalzried (JG) 54.47, 2. C. Croyle (NJ) 1:01; 800: 1. Lickwar (NJ) 2:51, 2. Elly Alexander (JG) 3:06; 200: 1. Block (NJ) 28.72, 2. Dodson (JG) 29.25; 3200: 1. Gardner (NJ) 13:41, 2. Surma (NJ) 14.34; 1600 relay: 1. John Glenn (M. Schmalzried, Radant, Ochs, Dreessen) 4:33, 2. Judson 4:35; Long jump: 1. Radant (JG) 14’1/2”, 2. Harrison (NJ) 13’2 1/4”; High jump: 1. Julia Jacobson (JG) 4’4”, 2. Dreessen (JG) 4’4”; Shot put: 1. Kelsi Dvorscak (NJ) 35’8 1/2”, 2. Mikalah Lambert (NJ) 35’3”; Discus: 1. Lambert (NJ) 89’8”, 2. Melissa Lile (JG) 88’4”; Pole vault: 1. Mackenzie Hill (JG) 7’.