'It was like a miracle'

Aedreanna Engle competing with the horses she has trained.Aedreanna Engle competing with the horses she has trained.
James Master

At 4 years old, Aedreanna Engle knew that she wanted to train and show horses.
Now at 12, she’s going to be competing later on this year at nationals.
She stated that when she was younger she had an obsession about the animals.
Unfortunately for Engle, her family did not own any horses neither did they have enough land required to house one.
That did not stop her father.
“My dad was trying to find people … He went to a dentist and the lady there said her mom has horses,” Engle said about the search for horse trainers. “It was like a miracle.”
During the season, Engle competes in an average of five or six events and travels to various places around Indiana and Michigan.
Her typical day at the Rose Mill Training Center includes feeding the animals, mucking their stalls, then working the horses at the different competitions.
Engle commented that training the horses becomes easier with time and experience.
“I feel that the more you understand it, the easier it is,” she said.
Engle went on to explain that the horses can sense if you’re inexperienced and uneasy about being around them.
“They can smell when you’re scared so you can’t be scared of them.”
As far as the types of competitions, Engle explained that if the horses are new at competing they would have them compete in Halter competitions.
Halter is a type of horse show class were horses are led, not ridden and are judged upon their conformation and suitability.
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