Input sought for health assessment

BREMEN — Public input is sought by the local hospital to identify the specific needs of the Bremen and area communities. Community Hospital of Bremen hosted Jim Miller, Deena Dodd, and Ally Orwig) from the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) last month who discussed with community leaders and the general public some of the key factors that they thought most negatively and positively affected people in regard to their state of health care.
Community Hospital of Bremen’s president and CEO Scott Graybill invited IRHA to conduct the study and the entity’s overall findings will be sent to the Internal Revenue Service to fulfill a requirement that says the needs of the community should be assessed every three years. The last time the hospital held one was in 2007.
Graybill said the assessments not only fulfills a requirement, but provides his and other healthcare facilities with facts to hopefully enable them to meet the needs of all the communities in Bremen and the Marshall County area.
“There is a brief survey online at for people to fill out,” Graybill explained. “We really need the people of the communities to give input to be able to assess what their needs are.”
The survey takes about three minutes and is in multiple choice format. Participants aren’t asked their name, income, phone number or address.
It does ask the participant’s age, zip code area and ethnicity and for the Hispanic community, the survey is also offered in Spanish to offer as many residents as possible the opportunity to be heard.
After clicking on bubbles which indicate the best answer to each of the eight short questions, a comment section is available for anyone that wants to add details or give specific suggestions.
The survey will be open to Bremen and area residents to access until Oct. 26 when the results will be computed for the final assessment. Results will then be sent to the government and will also be made available to the general public.