Hydroponic farm In Marshall County makes a splash

Dion Graber, co-owner of Microfarms, LLC, carefully prunes the tomato plants. Pruning provides more strength and better water flow to the vines that are bearing tomatoes, insuring a better yield.
By Thomas Boys
Staff Writer

Hydroponic Farming is becoming more of a 'thing'. I had the privilege, recently, to take a guided tour of such a farm that operates in Marshall County. Nestled in the countryside along the county line, east of Bremen is a hydroponic farm called: Microfarms, LLC.
Don’t let the prefix ‘micro’ fool you, however. This large cube-shaped facility - encased in mostly-transparent panels of very high-grade plexiglass - has the capacity for growing thousands of vegetable plants and herbs at any one time, all year long. The computer-controlled climate maintains a steady temperature and humidity level amenable for quick and proper growth; that, along with the carefully managed reservoir of nutrient-rich water that feeds the plants, successful growth can take place throughout the year, even when the outdoor weather brings the harshest conditions.
Microfarms, LLC, founded over three years ago by locals Loren Graber and Steve Kiefer, is currently under the management of two brothers, Dion and Nick Graber. Their combined botanical acumen, and scrutiny in producing the best quality produce, both play huge roles in the rising success of this business.