Home for Christmas

One of the happier stories for the Nappanee Board of Works closed just in time for Christmas
It was the approval of the mortgage release of city-owned property at 502 W. Market Street.
As city attorney Brian Hoffer explained it, with board approval, the new owners could close the deal on Christmas Eve and take possession of their new home then, in a timely Christmas present fashion.
Mayor Larry Thompson endorsed that idea.
This started with a contract to sell. The city provides a $120,000 loan which can be repaid by simply living in the house for 15 years in a mortgage write-down assist.
A family was ready to move in as soon as the paperwork cleared.
Deanna Miller is the mom of the family.
They did indeed get moved in by Christmas Eve and had their first family dinner.
"We were so excited," she said.
"Moving from a three-bedroom trailer to this.
"We got possession in time and our Realtor fought for this, the city fought for this, it's a miracle. we were so excited. It's the best Christmas ever."
The recommendation came from city advisor Scott Hughes. It clears one of the previously abandoned properties over which the City took control.
Fixing and reselling these properties help keep the city from having empty abandoned homes and thus keeps the city’s image up and the property values steady.