Hit and run at Michigan and Laporte

A green Pontiac Bonneville was the object of a hit and run accident on the corner of Michigan and Laporte Street May 5.An officer redirects traffic after an accident took place at the intersection Michigan and Laporte Streets May 5.
Rachael Herbert-Varchetto
Staff Writer

— A hit and run blocked traffic at the intersection of Michigan and Laporte Streets for a brief time May 5.
A green Pontiac Bonneville was stopped at the stoplight heading north on Michigan Street. While stopped, a black Ford Ranger came from behind and rear-ended the Pontiac and drove it forward near the curb of the old Reese movie theater.
The driver of the Ford Ranger drove off, according to witnesses, and did not pause after the accident.
The driver of the Pontiac Bonneville was quickly attended to by EMS and transported by an ambulance away from the seen as police redirected traffic down Laporte Street.
Though the official report has not been released yet, officers on-scene confirmed the driver of the Ford Ranger has been apprehended.
Further details into the incident are pending.