Heim nominated at Culver Republican caucus - will run against incumbant Howard

Culver’s Karen Heim was voted Republican party nominee for town clerk in this November’s election, at the town’s Republican caucus last Thursday.
Following an introduction by Marshall County Republican Chairman Dave Holmes, both Heim and opponent Jeanette Surrisi were given time for brief, pre-vote statements to the audience, which filled the large meeting room of the Culver-Union Township Public Library, where the caucus was held.
Heim noted she’s a 17-year Culver resident and lifelong Republican, and stressed the importance of people having a “very positive image” not only of Culver but its government as well. Heim emphasized her skills with people at past posts with Culver Academies and her current position with Plymouth Wesleyan church, besides her work organizing Tri Kappa’s Tour de Max fund-raising events. She also said she would push for a more dynamic, interactive online presence for Culver’s government and email bill-paying.
“We can give voters a clear and distinct choice between a Democratic candidate and a conservative Republican,” she concluded.
Surrisi joked that the reality of small-town life is such that she didn’t need to detail her life and work history. Instead, she stressed her “solid town government experience” as a member of Culver’s plan commission, besides a background handling “large financial transactions” in charity work and as a former realtor. She vowed, if nominated, to work to control spending and increase transperency in town government, as well as also examining online bill paying.
Surrisi referred to the “elephant in the room,” which was her past party affiliation as a Democrat, quoting late President Ronald Reagan, himself a former Democrat who made “a very successful Republican candidate.”
Holmes, Culver’s former town attorney from Bremen, commented Culver is lucky to have “two such qualified candidates.”
Also introduced was new Republican candidate for town council Bill Githens, who joined incumbant Republican council candidate Ginny Munroe, currently serving as council president. Two incumbant Democrats, Ed Pinder and Ralph Winters, will run for council this fall as well.
Following the announcement of Heim’s victory, she thanked voters and added appreciation for Surrisi, who she noted is “a Tri Kappa sister.”
Heim will square off against Democratic candidate and incumbant town clerk Casey Howard in the November election.