Hassel sworn in as sheriff

Matt Hassel was sworn in this morning by Judge Dean Colvin as Marshall County Sheriff.
Robin Myers

The new Marshall County Sheriff, Matthew Hassel was sworn in by Judge Dean Colvin.
Immediately after the ceremony, Hassel was heading to his new office at the Marshall County Sheriff Department headquarters to begin his new post.
As chief for the Bremen police department Hassel has been overseeing a population of about 4,600 and compared to Marshall County's 47,000 he is confident in his ability to handle the new position.
“It’s a big change having the responsibility of the correctional facility. Law enforcement is law enforcement, whether the community is small or big, the laws are the same. The biggest learning curve for me will be the correctional facility,” said Hassel.
He continued, “I’m excited about the challenge, I know we have good, high quality people, that part of the job is easy. I have the highest respect for them all. I don’t foresee any major changes at all, I didn’t run saying there were any big changes needed."
Sheriff’s longtime wife, Jill, who works as a teacher, said, “We are very excited, this is something that Matt’s always wanted to do his whole life.”