Halloween party winners

Tuesday, Oct. 30 the Bremen Kiwanis held a successful party for local children with 147 participating in the costume contest — more than ever in previous years. 
Winners are their categories are as follows:
Ages 0 through 2 — first place, Alex Martinez as Dracula; second, Colton Town as a scarecrow; and third place, Blakeli Soliz and Minnie Mouse
Ages 3 and 4 — first place, Sofia Sahlhoff as a bumblebee; second, Chase Devine as a mummy; and third place, Grant Beery as a skeleton
Kindergarten — first place, Payton Town as Dorothy; second, Julia Birkey as The Little Mermaid; and third place, Carson Anderson as a policeman
First grade — first place, Reece Greene as Lego Man; second, Mikayla Shively as a peacock; and third place, Audry Sands as a witch
Second grade — first place, Selena Martinez as The Princess Pride; second, Emmanuel Garcia as a pirate; and third place, Keyan Mancuso as an Army guy
Third grade — first place, Gavin Ruggles as an old man; second, Alivia Wilson as a box of popcorn; and third place, Cassidy Fritz as a purple witch
Fourth grade — first place, Sydney Moren and Kyle Sellers as a roller coaster car; second, Kiersten Meyer as a jellyfish; and third place, Ethane Schutz as a gangster
Fifth grade — first place, Logan Heller as Monopoly Man; second, Cody Fritz as a ninja; and third place, Evan Yoder as a nerd
Overall winner — Reece Greene and Lego Man
From left are overall contestants (all first place winners) Kyle Sellers and Sydney Moren as a roller coaster car, Payton Town as Dorothy, Logan Heller as Monopoly Man, Gavin Ruggles as an old man, Alex Martinez as Dracula, Selena Martinez as The Princess Pride, Reece Greene and Lego Man and Sofia Sahlhoff as a bumblebee.