Grandparents the focus of annual contest

WAKARUSA — Some special people were recognized at Miller’s Senior Living Community of Wakarusa and they weren’t senior citizens. The entity sponsored an essay contest for Wakarusa Elementary school fourth and fifth graders which invited them to talk about their favorite senior (grandparents or otherwise). Four essay winners were chosen and invited to bring their special person to lunch at Miller’s Senior Assisted Living Community Sept. 12. The event was inspired to celebrate Grandparent’s Day.
Community Relations Director Cindy Hill served as host of the event and said that this was the seventh held in Wakarusa. Winning students read their essays to their subjects and dined with them and their teacher and principal.
The winners and their essays were as follows:
Elizabeth Eby — first place
The coolest most awesome Mimi in the world!
MIMI! Mimi is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Here is a little story about my Mimi. She is sweet, kind, and funny. Every year my Mimi tacked my family to Chicago and we shop! But every year Mimi has a bigger and better accident…(not like a crash more like a funny) but I promised not to tell anyone! What happens in Chicago stays in Chicago. Also another memory I have about Mimi is, I would have a lot of sleepovers at Mimi’s house and we would have Mimi’s secret made recipe for cinnamon rolls and have Papa milkshakes to! Mimi’s cinnamon rolls are amazing.
They melt in your mouth, and I hope I will be able to make them for my grandchildren. Mimi is special because she is always happy and never is grumpy. She also is a Christian and that is what I admire about her. Another memory that I know by heart is that Mimi is scared of worms and one day I wad fishing with her and all of a sudden, a fish bit the hook. It was really heavy too and when I got it out of the water it was so big it knocked the worm cup over and the worms were crawling on me and she screamed so loud I bet it woke up everyone in Michigan! It was funny. One other thing I remember is when we were in Mimi’s car. She always drives so scary like that when she slams on the brakes and my mom grabs the ceiling … well, tries to I guess.
One time Mimi was driving and we had to drive three hours and I think mom’s hands were sore! Mimi is always there for me. Whether it’s a horse show, school play, spelling bee, or even my birthday she says she would never ever miss anything that involves me! Mimi makes me feel just as special as she is and she’s never too busy for when I need her! That’s why I wrote about Mimi! Thank you Mimi!
Tyler Cronkright — second place
My super grandmas
My grandmas Jeannie Lindsey and Sharon Cronkright are more than special grandmas. They are SUPER grandmas. I chose them both for this essay because I have many great memories with both of them. Grandma Sharon goes to Florida every winter so I Skype with her. Some of my most delicious memories would be grandma Jeannie’s salty beef stew that she would drop off on Wednesday nights before church. I also remember eating yummy pizza with my cousins at my grandma Sharon’s house in summer evenings and spilling garlic sauce all over my pizza. Grandma Jeannie lives in South Bend and Grandma Sharon lives in Goshen. We often go camping together.
I love it when my grandmas take 30 to 40 minutes to drive to come see me, my younger sisters Chloe and Paige, my mom and dad, and our dog Cooper in our nice, lovely house in downtown Wakarusa. My grandmas will play games with me, talk to me about the new book I’m reading, and they’ll ask me if there’s anything new going on. And if there’s something bad or sad going on, I would just insert a silver quarter for a warm hug like they’re hug machines. My grandmas are great role models because … well … they’re grandmas. What’s not to love about a grandma? Go grandmas. Also, my grandmas represent what a super grandparent should be, so when I have grandkids to spoil, I’ll know how to correctly do it. My grandmas are super and that’s that.
Chase Horner — third place
My grandma
My grandma is special to me because she makes delicious homemade peanut butter pie just for me. She also makes really yummy chocolate chip cookies. I like to play with her too. We play mini basketball, do home run derbies with whiffle balls, play fantasy football, and all sorts of things like that. On most Sundays, my mom, my dad, my sister, and I go down to her house to eat and she makes some of my favorite foods like steak and pot pie. When my mom and dad are gone during the day she will come down to watch us until they come home. She is the best babysitter. I like the spend the night there on Friday nights, which we always do if we don’t have plans.
My grandma always comes to my sports games and is there to tell me “good game” afterward. In her basement my grandma has a crawl space that I used to love to go into with her. The crawl space is where all of the toys are kept. We (my sister and I) like to go out to eat with her. We usually go to Steak and Shake or eat at the mall. My favorite place is Panda Express. My grandma works uptown in a brown brick office and we visit her a lot. She has a bowl of candy sitting on a desk and I usually get a couple pieces of candy. I have a dog, Miley, that my grandma walks sometimes (well actually Miley walks my grandma). I like that my grandma lives really close by, but most of all I just love my grandma.
Madison Payne — fourth place
My grandpa is the world’s greatest grandpa in the history of grandpas! One reason I think my grandpa is great is because on Sunday mornings when mom and dad have to serve at church he always offers to let us come to his house. My family goes to church on Saturday night, and instead of going again he takes us to breakfast at the O.C. Café. Another reason I think he’s great is because he has so many climbing trees that are so old but he doesn’t cut them down, ever! Plus, he has a haystack that helps us climb up the tree and he doesn’t take that away. He is always very protective when it comes to climbing trees though, which I am thankful for. To top it off, he is making me and my siblings a zip line from the backyard to the front yard. The most exciting part is that he lets us help put everything together and put everything up.
I would like to honor my grandpa because he gives my family so many things that are so nice that I would like to return the favor by letting him spend more time with me. I look up to him and he’s just over the top my favorite grandpa! I want to be like him someday because he loves me and I know it and that’s why he’s the greatest grandpa ever!