Grades help Culver's Krsek win Country Auto vehicle

Graduating Culver Comm. High School senior Joe Krsek (pictured here, second from left) says he didn't expect to win this gently used vehicle from County Auto Center in Plymouth, even though he had plenty of A's on his report card. Every A submitted earned seniors from Plymouth, Triton, Culver, Argos, and Bremen High Schools an entry in a drawing for a vehicle, according to Joe Martin, Jr. (far left) of County Auto, who noted about $10,000 was budgeted towards the car (whose taxes Country Auto also paid).

Krsek likely had a fair number of entries: he graduates in the top five in his class, of which he was vice president, and will likely put the car to use in driving to Purdue University, where he will study engineering.

Krsek, along with parents Steve and Terry Krsek (at right) received his present surprise at the start of a graduation practice Thursday morning at the school.

This is the second year for Country Auto's program. Last year's winner was from Argos High School.