Governor signs school safety bill; local superintendents weigh in

MARSHALL CO. — Tuesday afternoon, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill to help fund school resource officers for school districts throughout the state. Locally, reaction is mixed among several district superintendents.

Donna Burroughs, Triton School District: “It is my understanding that the grants will require matching funds. Because of this we would not be making a request for any of this funding.

Although schools in her district do not have a school resource officer, Burroughs said the district has a “fabulous working relationship” with law enforcement, including local police, the Sheriff’s office and the Indiana State Police.
LaVille Schools - Superintendent Mitchell Mawhorter: “We do not have a resource officer, but we do have our local officers come in periodically,” he said.  “I have worked at a school with a resource officer in the past, and I thought that it worked well. Therefore, I would be in favor of us having that presence within our buildings if the state was willing to pay for it.   felt more comfortable as a staff person when that resource was available.  I also felt that I learned a lot from the officer working with us.”

Plymouth Community Schools Corporation superintendent Dan Tyree: “The Plymouth policemen and women are in our schools on a regular basis,” Tyree said. “The police teach DARE, routinely walk the halls, and provide security at major school events. I’m not sure if we will use the grant. Because of the way it is worded, it would add an officer for only three years. The city police are trying to put together a plan that budgets for an officer every year.”

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