Goldfish race bubbling with competition

NAPPANEE — All ages could be seen Saturday afternoon, (Sept. 15), racing goldfish during the Annual Nappanee Apple Festival. The contest was open to anyone age 4 and up.
Long, clear boxes filled with water served as racing lanes. Each round, the bubbles caused by contestants’ air blown through straws was used to encourage individual goldfish to move forward toward the finish line.
Caroline Handrich, Goshen, participated in the Ages 4 to 7 category. Mother, Karla Handrich reports that Caroline practiced at home with two of her own goldfish who paid the ultimate sacrifice to help train the girl.
“I think it’s really fun for them,” said Karla Handrich about the young children participating in the contest. “And it’s a good event for her. She normally does the pedal pull but she’s so small it’s hard for her. I think this is a really good event for her.”
This was the third year for the event. Kelly Kuhn, Nappanee, organized the event. Kuhn was happy to announce that this year they did not have any trouble with participants obeying natural instincts to suck up water thru the straw, rather than blow down to encourage goldfish.
“That did happen a little last year,” said Kuhn “and it was the older ones who did it more than the younger kids.”
Kuhn announced the following winners of each group competing:
Ages 4 to 7
• first place — Noah Wolf
• second place — Logan Beechy
• third place — Adrianna Beechy
Ages 8 to 11:
• first place — Matthew Barkow
• second place — Kelly Morrinson
• third place — Sarah Workman
Ages 12 to 15:
• first place — Daniel Keller
• second place — Morgan Freel
• third place — Bryana Mills
Ages 16 to adult:
• first place — Michael Mills
• second place — Ella Sherlock
• third place — John Goodwin.