Going wild literally ... what in the world? by Angel Perkins

We’ve all heard or asked the question, “What in the world possesses them?” My grandmother says “what in Heaven’s name?” Today’s reference of shock is a little more vulgar with the abbreviated version being a design created from the act of texting which then becomes WTF?
While I am a fairly open-minded person, one that is surprised by little, there are some things that I simply cannot wrap my mind around. I think I enjoyed the studies of the mind so much when I was in school because I enjoyed trying to understand some of the most foreign practices of humanity. Part of what I found was what caused me to lose what little respect I had for mankind in general.
Firstly, if you come across a person who, for example, has tattooed his entire body with a pattern that resembles scales and implanted little pieces of bone into his forehead and then filed down his teeth to fine points that resemble a ghoul or a shark, you will ask the earlier-mentioned question. Logically, he may want attention. He may want to hide some physical flaw that he felt was an imperfection or perhaps he was motivated by strict parents who wouldn’t allow him to pierce his ear as a teen and went to the extreme of rebellion the moment he had the chance.
Maybe he really likes the lizard-demon look. Point being, while I (and perhaps you) burst a blood vessel trying to understand what he was thinking, we need to instead realize that he may very well not have BEEN thinking at all — thus the goofy transformation.
He wasn’t thinking about the fact that when he is 80 and wrinkled, people may confuse him with a new species and put him in a cage or on the front page of the National Enquirer. He wasn’t thinking about how his infant nephew might react to his appearance with nightmares or that his future children may “forget” to tell him about open houses, career day and father’s day activities at school — or how — as a teen, his child will request to be dropped off several blocks from the school.
Neither did he think about what his children will do to rebel him. Most kids dye their hair goofy, get a piercing or a tattoo. His kid could only clip his ears (like they do dogs) to an elfin angle, have all his teeth removed and pierce himself in 20 different places with every stud, chain, peg and gem they offer in order to earn some sort of shock value.
Then again, maybe lizard-demon guy DID think it through and expects that his child, to make a stand toward his independence and individuality, might just react by dressing in button up shirts and ties, grooming well and keeping his skin in the condition it was the day he was born. I thought that was the most unbelievable thing a person could do to their body … until I saw the cat lady.
She not only tattooed everything to look like a pattern of a toga, but also surgically plugs nylon whiskers through holes in her cheeks. Then the tiger man, who also filed down his teeth and had fangs implanted. I would just love to have the money to waste that much time on my physical appearance.
I am contented by the realization that, when they get older, they will look less and less like the animals they intended, and more like they are some sort of lab experiment gone wrong. I know their family members WILL or ARE at some point horrified and embarrassed by them, and while I know you can’t tell a book by its cover, there are just some covers that should be taken off and the extremes these people have gone to cannot be reversed. I am also calmed by the fact that I know these people cannot safely go to a zoo or game preserve nor can they look their maker in the eye without some level of embarrassment.
I am at peace knowing that they will not be starting any trends by their behavior — at least I was — until I went online to see where these people live so I could reference perhaps something that had gone wrong with their food or water supply and then I find …. not one, not two, but SIX men who have permanently altered their bodies from head to toe, to look like big cats and dozens more that have partially made the transformation and at least three women that have from one end to the other.
And we’re not talking paint or special effects — but forever changing from the beasts they were when they were born. They are now referred to officially by society with the terminology: “modified people.”
There is one that looks like a ghoulish skeleton, another, like a demon of some sort. The further I look the more I find, women lizards and woman cats and many more that have only simply split their tongues in half!
And I then come to the conclusion — I MUST speak to or hear from these people’s children — assuming they haven’t eaten them.
Keep in mind ... I shaved one side of my head in the ‘80s, and when I got my first (of two) tattoo I DID harbor a grim and triumphant satisfaction thinking how my mother would react when she noticed it — but even so, I still have to ask — WTF?
Why do you not want to be who you are ... SO much? Why do you not want to see your reflection? Why do you not want to look human?
I also wonder what the most horrible thing society could do to them? Can you guess? It’s simple. Ignore them.

To view these transformations, Google “Modified People” or “Facial Horn Implants” or visit www.oddee.com — or better yet ... DON’T.