Give thanks for being able to give

By Angel Perkins
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I would give thanks to the faithful Advance News and Bremen Enquirer readers for keeping their small, hometown newspapers alive in this digital age. Further, I want to thank them for having patience and understanding with me (when things don’t always go the way we or they might want them to) and for their submissions in promoting their schools, clubs, businesses and events.
I want to thank God for everything I have and my family and friends for all the love and support that carries me through each day, trial and tribulation. I want to especially thank my kids for turning out so wonderfully and making me look so good, and for always correctly answering the question, “Who’s the best mom in the world?”
And for my husband, for simply loving me — which, from what I’ve heard on occasion — is no easy task.
I want to continue to offer my readers the opportunity to have their opinions heard on the website that carries features of their favorite newspaper by commenting on stories and blogs. A partial column will run in the paper twice a month, with the full version online for readers to dive into further, and comment on afterward. They can also share similar stories or ask for advice from readers on topics from that particular topic.
I want to remind all of you to be thankful for what and whom you have. Our lives are but grains of sand on a never-ending beach so tell those that matter to you that they do. Of course, give thanks, fill your bellies and be merry.
But also, remember those less fortunate then you. We all have to cinch our belts a little tighter these days and while incomes don’t seem to be rising, costs of necessities are. While you may think you can’t budge or spare much, think again. Instead of going out to dinner for the third time this month, use what you would spend to buy food or toys for the less fortunate.
There are many organizations looking for donations right now. Buy all generic brands at the grocery store and then buy a pair of gloves with the money you saved to keep someone’s hands warm at a shelter or school. Bake an extra loaf of bread or dozen cookies and give them to a neighbor, serviceperson or emergency responder.
Take the money you would spend on that lottery ticket, pack of cigarettes or manicure and send it to a shelter, humane society or charity. Give to stop child abuse, human trafficking, global warming, rape or cyberbullying.
If you can offer even a little, you can also have yourself to thank this Thanksgiving season, and give yourself even more to be thankful for — that you can give.