Gamble seeking Democratic nod for Mayor of Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — Three men will vie for the chance to run to be the Mayor of Plymouth in the coming local election. Incumbent Republican Mark Senter will face the winner of Tony Gamble and Jim Vinall, who will square off for the Democratic Party spot for the office.
Gamble has run in what he calls an “authentic manner.”
“I feel it is important that they (Plymouth citizens) know and understand me for the person that I am,” he said. “I will not campaign with a big budget, but rather with hard work, and a big heart.”
Gamble says that he would work toward street improvements on 1st Street, Novelty, Plum and Hillcrest Avenue while pledging to complete the South Gateway Project, the new Downtown Park, and the expansion of the Greenway Trail. He would also work to bring an all inclusive playground to the city.
Gamble says that he would work toward the de-privatization of trash pickup in Plymouth.
He says he would work with the Chamber of Commerce and the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation to attract new business while encouraging businesses to grow and invest in the community. He feels the city should determine what types of manufacturing space are available within city limits and work to find appropriate tenants for those spaces.
Downtown revitalization is also a key part of Gamble’s plan. He stands behind a partnership with downtown business and property owners to work together to find businesses that would fit in the Plymouth downtown. He would also like to find a company interested in converting the old Rees Cinema building into a stage theatre.
“I am a career businessman, not a career politician. I’ve worked hard to create a successful business, and know the importance of a well thought out budget process,” said Gamble. “I have people skills that will be an asset to me in this position. My personality allows me the ability to be able to connect with people of all ages, and walks of life.
“My main goal, when elected, is to bring the City Government back to the people. I want everyone to know that they have a voice that matters in this community, and they have the right to express their opinions.”