Free soup kitchen starts this month

PLYMOUTH — Beginning Thursday, a free soup kitchen will be open the first and third Thursdays of each month at New Song Community Church.
Organizer Sharon Miller said that the idea was born from a simple desire — to feed the hungry in the community.
“I was poor and didn’t have a lot when I was a child,” said Miller. “I know what hungry is. Nobody should have to be hungry, not children, or older people who have worked their whole lives. We’ve talked with people in the community and we know that they sometimes have to choose whether to pay for their rent, utilities, medicine…or food. If you listen to people, there’s a need.”
Over the past several months of planning the project, Miller said she’s been overwhelmed by the number of people and restaurants that have offered to help. Local restaurants — both independently owned and chains —will be bringing food items, paper products, and beverages to the endeavor.
“People are eager and willing to help,” said Miller. “Many of the ladies in the church have volunteered to make soup themselves. It’s been wonderful.”
The soup kitchen will serve a soup or Crockpot style dish, bread, a beverage, and a dessert from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in the church building.
“Right now I am only sure that I can do this two Thursdays a month, but hopefully we will be able to do four Thursdays a month eventually,” said Miller. “It depends on how many donations we get.”
One of Miller’s goals for the soup kitchen involves serving a minimum of 100 people each night the kitchen is open. She would also like to see another church take over serving a second night of the week.
“I’d like to pack a lunch or something for kids to take home for Saturday too,” said Miller.
Although New Song is the location for the soup kitchen, Miller is quick to point out that the meals are open to everyone.
“Anybody who is hungry is welcome,” said Miller. “It’s not a denominational thing, it’s a hunger thing.”
The church is accepting donations for the kitchen at their building Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Items needed include canned food, paper supplies, cleaning supplies, and beverages. At some point the kitchen would also like to add a salad or sandwich to the menu, depending on what is donated. Monetary donations should come in the form of a check made out to New Song Community Church and designated for the soup kitchen.
“(The soup kitchen) has been an idea that’s been on my heart for a long time, and we are running with it, together,” said Miller.
For more information on the project including specific questions about donating or volunteering, contact Miller at 574-772-2276.
New Song Community Church is located at 410 N. Kingston Road in Plymouth, across from Oliver Ford.