Former players praise coach

Former John Glenn High School basketball players thank the coach that taught them not only skills on the court, but off as well:
“Coach Hutton was so much more than just a basketball coach,” said Brandi (Brodzinski) Andreae, John Glenn, class of 2002. “With his sometimes Bobby Knight-like motivation and encouragement (which I loved by the way and would never trade him as a coach ever), he inspired me as a basketball player and in life to push hard and never give up. I loved his coaching style and was very fortunate to have him in middle school and all four years in high school. He pushed me not only on the basketball court but taught me how to be a hard worker, push past what you thought you could never achieve, and always be early”
Andreae said that she is the woman she is today because of those influential years. “I will forever be grateful to Coach Hutton for the inspiration, encouragement and motivation he provided all those years. Coach Hutton, you will be truly missed and will probably never know how much you meant to so many!”
Jill (Houston) Coffman, also with the class of 2002, said, “I did not at the time, but looking back many years later, I realize the impact Coach Hutton made on my life. I remember going through practices wondering how I was going to make it.”
She continued, “Coach Hutton always said to me, ‘If I stop talking to you, you should be worried.’ I knew Coach Hutton cared; however, at the time I could not recognize actually how much he truly did care. He pushed me to limits I never thought I could reach. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. He knew my potential and would not settle for anything less.”
Coffman remembers a defining moment she remembers during a game against Oregon-Davis.
“It was half time and Coach Hutton was not thrilled with how I was playing,” she said. “Again, Coach Hutton knew I was not reaching my potential and decided he was going to light a fire in me that game. I was so mad that he put me in my place I went out and scored 16 points. I did not appreciate his criticism at the time, but he knew exactly what he was doing to make me reach my potential. Coach Hutton was more than just a basketball coach, he taught me life lessons that I will never forget.”
Laura Wilkinson, class of 2004, and Rachel Wilkinson, class of 2006, said, “Through busy schedules and growing up, it may be difficult at times to stay in touch with the ones that matter the most. But as time goes by, you never forget how those individuals have impacted your life over the years. Looking back at our journey through high school, it now seems as if it went by so fast and that we didn’t have as much time as we needed or wanted with such a great man. However, it is not about the amount of time that someone spends in your life that makes a difference, it is the difference that someone makes in your life for the amount they are there. The impact that Coach Hutton had on our lives in such a short amount of time has made us the young women we are today and for that we will be forever grateful”
Katie (Pletcher) Neal, class of 2000, said, “Looking back at my time at JGHS, my fondest memories are of Coach Hutton and my fellow ‘classy’ Lady Falcons. We were so fortunate to have a coach who cared not only about the success of the team and season, but of each player, on and off the court.”
She said that for the more than six years she played for Coach Hutton, she not only learned how to excel at the fundamentals of the game, but also the importance of teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship.
She said, “He taught me to work hard, or in his words ‘hustle,’ at everything I do in life. Coach, thank you for never giving up on me, pushing me to do my best always, and being there to support me in all areas of my life. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know!”
Chasity (Zellers) Adkins, class of 2001, said her memories of the coach are plentiful.
“Coach Hutton means the world to me,” she said. “He is the most unselfish, caring and dedicated person I know. He always pushed me to do my best and taught me to never settle for less. He inspired dreams within me and taught me how to pay the price to make them come true.”
Adkins said on and off the court, Hutton taught her to always give 100 percent. “He would always say, ‘How you practice is how you will play. If you’re not going to give it your all then don’t waste your time.’ To this day, I can still hear him saying that and I find myself wishing I was lacing up my shoes and heading to the gym. What I wouldn’t give for just one more of his pep talks, or one more game or even one more practice.”
Adkins continued, “For the first time in my life, I would love to hear Coach Hutton say his most famous quote, ‘On the line!’ Words cannot explain how grateful I am and how much I appreciate everything he has done for me. He simply is an amazing man and it will be extremely hard to watch a JG girls ball game without him on the bench.”
Lindahl Wiegand, class of 2001, says she is blessed to have had the coach In her life.
“During a time in my life when I was the most vulnerable to the influences of others, I was blessed to have a coach who influenced me in every positive way possible,” she said. “Coach Hutton may have taught me the importance of calling out screens, of using the backboard and that I could out-hustle anyone if I tried hard enough. But really, he was teaching me the importance of being a good team player, of following through and that hard work and ambition always pays off. Not many would be brave enough to choose to spend the majority of their time with teenage girls. Coach Hutton not only put up with us, but was passionate about high school athletics.”
Wiegand continued, “The time, energy and resources he devoted to John Glenn, to the girls basketball program, to us, is reflective of the generous and wonderful individual he is. Coach, thanks to your encouragement, I have greater confidence in my ability to succeed in all areas of my life. And thanks to running a lot of lines, I think I still have a pretty good free throw percentage.”