Food canning business gets variance

PLYMOUTH - Marshall County will have a new canner of low acidic foods.
Homer Kuhn of 6A Road in Plymouth came before the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals to seek a variance of use for a business to produce and can low acidic foods for distribution.

Kuhn told the BZA that he had attended classes at Purdue to meet requirements for the business and meet Food and Drug Administration requirements for the business.

Kuhn said that his brother had run a similar business that did not meet federal requirements and it was his hope that he could take up that business and make it grow. He told the board that the only employees of his business would be himself and immediate family members and it would be a seasonal operation.

All produce for the business will be produced by Kuhn or purchased from other local growers. The main product for Kuhn’s business will be garlic dill pickles. Kuhn assured the board that his business will be entirely wholesale. He stated that any venture into retail would be too restrictive and require moving to another location.

The Board unanimously voted the variance of use for Kuhn to start his business.

In other action:

• James Veryvynckt was scheduled to come before the BZA to ask for re-consideration of a special use to place a steel storage container on his property for storage of fireworks but did not appear for a hearing and so the request was tabled with on chance for review for at least one year.

• The Board approved a budget for the coming year that will be presented to the Marshall County Council during their budget hearings in September.
• The Board also reviewed current cases of property owners who are in violation of county zoning rules and briefed on action taken against them.

(This story was published in the June 12, 2013 print edition of The Pilot News.)