Flood and winter storm warnings in effect today

Clyde Avery, Marshall County Emergency Management Agency director, reported that a flood warning and a winter storm watch are in effect through Tuesday evening.
"We are looking at between four and eight inches of (snow) accumulation," said Avery Tuesday morning.
If snow arrives as predicted, this could be the area's first significant snowfall.
"Make sure your cars are prepared for a storm," advised Avery. "Have an emergency kit, salt or sand, and a shovel."
Avery also recommended driving with increased awareness when roads are snowy, reducing speed and increasing following distance between vehicles.
A flood warning is also in place. Avery said that the Yellow River is at about 8 feet, 2 inches compared to normal water level of 4 to 5 feet. By late Wednesday, the river may be more than 12 feet deep. However, Avery said residents and businesses should not be concerned until the river reaches about 13-14 feet deep. If that happens, evacuation may be necessary.

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