Falcons repeat at Lancer Relays

LAKEVILLE — Sitting out with a broken arm, Mike Childs could do little but cheer his teammates on to the title at last year’s Lancer Relays.
Not to worry.
The John Glenn senior sprinter made up for lost time Monday, powering the Falcons to four wins on the night and a sixth straight title at the LaVille relay meet.
“It’s the best feeling in the world,” said a smiling Childs. “It was the worst last year; I had to sit on the sidelines and just watch and cheer on my teammates and now I’m able to help them out and do everything I could to help them get the victory. It feels awesome.”
Glenn’s boys finished first with 98 points, followed by LaVille with 89, Culver with 67, Westville’s 39, Oregon-Davis’ 27 and Lacrosse’s 22. The Lady Falcons repeated at the meet as well, beating out the second-place host Lady Lancers 74-56, while OD placed third with 46, and Westville rounded out the girls standings with a score of 44.
“We’re the biggest school here, so we should win. LaVille, they show up, though,” said Glenn head track coach Kyle Amor. “This is their big event and they show up for this, and they always give us their best.”
While it was the Falcons’ sixth straight championship, the result was anything but in the bag for Glenn. In fact, they trailed the Lancers after the field portion of the meet.
“Coach (Jeff) Kaiser, last year he was the boys coach, and that was their biggest thing; they were always trailing coming into the running events, and he always told the boys ‘We’ve got to take care of it on the track or we don’t have a shot,’” Amor said. “This year our field events kept us in the ballpark… I just told the guys ‘Make sure we get the batons, make sure we’re in the exchange zones, and we have enough speed and talent to take care of business.’”
While the boys struggled somewhat in field events, John Glenn’s girls fared surprisingly well with wins in three field events.
“I knew we were strong in some certain areas, but honestly the big surprise was our field events,” said Amor. “We won shot, disc and long jump, and one girl — Julia Jacobson — I just started having her jump a week ago. That was a surprise. I knew if we’re close coming into running events we’re going to win.”
Culver was handicapped in the boys meet by the absence of two of the area’s best throwers out on their senior trip, but the Cavs helped make up for with wins in both the shuttle hurdle race and in the high jump relay, where Matt Hurford set a new personal record, teaming up with fellow sophomore Bradley Beaver for the win.
“You just take it as a positive and use it as an opportunity to get some of your younger throwers to step in because they’re going to be asked to step up next year,” said Culver coach Chad Hollenbaugh. “They get a chance of a lifetime to go to Florida with their senior class members, so I’m not going to lament the fact that they can’t be at the Lancer Relays.
“We won the high jump with not our best high jumper, who’s a senior, but having two sophomores both go 5-8. This is Hurford’s first year in track. We know he’s a good athlete, but the fact that he’s coachable and is able to make those gains is definitely a positive.”
LaVille’s girls fared best in the distance races as the Lady Lancers claimed top prize in the distance medley, 1600 and 3200 relay with Katlyn Bettcher, Leigha Manuel and Taylor University signee Elaine Schmeltz running three-four-five in all three wins.
“Our girls, everybody pulled together, and they did what they had to do,” said LaVille head coach Kathe Beehler. “I’m very proud of them. I know we had some personal bests with splits today; I had some girls running stronger than I’ve ever seen them run. This is right where I want to be at this time of the year, finishing off the season strong.”
Like Culver, OD’s boys were down several key athletes out on their senior trip and combined with low turnout to make the Bobcats’ chances slim at LaVille. The girls needed to score well in the sprints to be competitive but finished third behind Glenn in the distance medley and 3200 relays.
“I’m fairly pleased,” said OD coach Matt Lotter. “I thought we could do a little bit better with our distance events. We haven’t got very many sprinters so we had to really take advantage of those distance events, and we were really hoping to win that shuttle hurdle, which we didn’t.”
Monday’s meet at LaVille gave teams a chance for team-building and some fun before the home stretch of the season which includes conference meets next weekend and the state tournament afterwards.
“It’s great team-building,” said Beehler. “You almost need one at the beginning and one at the end just to get the team camaraderie going. It’s been fun. Not everybody gets to run a relay at every meet, and for those that get to do it, it’s a lot of fun.”
At Lakeville
High jump: 1. Oregon-Davis (Kristie Taylor and Katie Schwenk) 9-8; 2. Westville, 9-6; 3. LaVille, 9-4; 4. Glenn 8-8.
Long jump: 1. Glenn (Erica Ingel, Julia Jacobson, McKenzie Hill) 40-10 1/2; 2. Laville, 38-1; 3. Oregon-Davis, 37-11 1/2; 4. Westville, 37-8 1/2.
Discus: 1. Glenn (Elina Weiss, Melissa Lile, Sarah Traversa) 233-10; 2. Westville, 206-1 1/2; 3. LaVille, 192-6; 4. Oregon-Davis, 179-5 1/2.
Shot put: 1. Glenn (McKenzie Hill, Melissa Lile, Sarah Traversa) 79-2 1/4; 2. LaVille, 77-5 1/2; 3. Westville, 74-2; 4. Oregon-Davis, 65-10.
Shuttle hurdles: 1. Glenn (Stephanie Radandt, Cayla Ochs, Emily Schmalzried, Mary Ellen Schmalzried) 1:01.06; 2. Oregon-Davis, 1:01.58; 3. Westville, 1:04.6; 4. LaVille, 1:04.78.
Sprint medley: 1. Glenn (Emily Schmalzried, Elizabeth Dodson, Stephanie Radandt, Katie Dreessen) 2:01.66;; 2. Westville, 2:04.3; 3. Oregon-Davis, 2:05.7; 4. LaVille, 2:06.2.
Distance medley: 1. LaVille (Chelsea Shaffer, Katlyn Bettcher, Leigha Manuel, Elaine Schmeltz) 13:56.56; 2. Glenn, 15:11.29; 3. Oregon-Davis, 15:19.78; 4. Westville, 16:43.3.
1600 relay: 1. LaVille (Elaina Ruiz, Katlyn Bettcher, Leigha Manuel, Elaine Schmeltz) 4:30.63; 2. Glenn, 4:32.3; 3. Oregon-Davis, 4:34.6; 4. Westville, 5:07.1.
400 relay: 1. Westville (Rachel Pfledderer, Ashley McClintock, Leah Mahlka, Shawnna Ramer) :54.87; 2. Glenn, :55.0; 3. LaVille, :57.1; 4. Oregon-Davis, :59.78.
800 relay: 1. Glenn (Emily Schmalzried, Elizabeth Dodson, Katie Dreessen, Cayla Ochs) 2:00; 2. Oregon-Davis, 2:00.97; 3. LaVille, 2:03.16; 4. Westville, 2:22.81.
3200 relay: 1. LaVille (Elaina Ruiz, Katlyn Bettcher, Leigha Manuel, Elaine Schmeltz) 11:00.22; 2. Glenn, 11:48.26; 3. Oregon-Davis, 12:01.19; 4. Westville, 12:38.18.
Long jump: 1. LaVille (Jake Freeman, Spencer Omans, Craig Romano) 52-3 1/2; 2. Glenn, 51-7 1/2; 3. Oregon-Davis, 47-7; 4. Culver, 47-3 1/2.
Discus: 1. LaVille (Kyle Zartman, Conner Stealy, Garrett Leed) 303-7; 2. Glenn, 269-9; 3. Culver, 262-2; 4. Westville, 254-6.
High jump: 1. Culver (Bradley Beaver, Matt Hurford) 11-4; 2. LaVille, 11-2; 3. Glenn, 11-0; 4. Oregon-Davis, 10-10.
Shot put: 1. LaVille (Kyle Zartman, Josh Dudeck, Ector Mercado) 112-6 1/4;2. Glenn, 103-7 3/4; 3. Culver, 95-10 3/4; 4. Westville, 90-8 3/4.
Shuttle hurdles: 1. Culver (Cole Flora, Bradley Beaver, Matt Hurford, Micah Budzinski) :54.34; 2. Glenn, :56.8; 3. LaCrosse, :59.0; 4. Westville, 1:00.12.
Sprint medley: 1. Glenn (Mike Childs, Slade Fry, Collin Howard, Tanner Harman) 1:40.29; 2. LaVille, 1:42.7; 3. Culver, 1:44.19; 4. Westville, 1:44.38.
Distance medley: 1. Glenn (Stacy Noland, Mike Childs, Alec Crump, Lucas Runyan) 11:30.4; 2. LaVille, 11:49.68; 3. LaCrosse, 13:00.7; 4. Culver, 13:59.94.
1600 relay: 1. Glenn (Seth Baker, Stacy Noland, Josh Shank, Alex Crump) 3:51.13; 2. LaVille, 3:57.29; 3. Westville, 3:59.2; 4. Oregon-Davis, 4:00.44.
400 relay: 1. Glenn (Tanner Harman, Slade Fry, Collin Howard, Mike Childs) :45.09; 2. LaVille, :46.68; 3. Culver, :49.8; 4. Westville, :50.22.
800 relay: 1. Glenn (Collin Howard, Kyle Beachem, Slade Fry, Mike Childs) 1:35.84 ; 2. LaVille, 1:39.16; 3. Culver, 1:46.78; 4. Oregon-Davis, 1:51.25.
3200 relay: 1. Glenn (Lucas Runyan, Alec Crump, Seth Baker, Stacy Noland) 8:56.06; 2. LaVille, 9:15.18; 3. Culver, 10:10.59; 4. Westville, 10:21.09.