Exploding part in Bourbon fire truck could cost $10K to fix

BOURBON — A Bourbon fire truck had a pump explode at the scene of a fire in early November, according to fire chief Brandon Chapman.
“This truck is over 15 years old and we use it for everything,” said Chapman Wednesday.
He added that the department is now down to one engine and will need to call for backup from area departments in the case of a large fire.
Town council members debated the price of repairing the truck in Tuesday’s meeting. Kim Berger, town clerk, said that a preliminary cost estimate for the fix is $10,000. She asked permission from council members to pay for this out of the town’s Rainy Day fund.
“Right now they are having some difficulty finding the part,” said Berger.
Council members approved using the Rainy Day fund for repairs, and councilman Larry Wattenbarger commented, “We have to have a fire truck.”
Chapman explained that the fire department does monthly and yearly checks on its trucks, and that the pump that exploded was tested just a week before the incident.
“The pump was running fine (when it was checked) but something happened inside,” said Chapman. “We don’t know what, but it was devastating.”
He added that at the time of the explosion, firefighters were not sure the extent of the damage. As a precaution, the truck was towed to a repair shop where it still is now.
“We haven’t been given a date on the repairs,” said Chapman. “(Mechanics) are looking for parts to repair (the truck) since it’s old.”