Emmons honored as Charger of the Year

PLYMOUTH — “I”’m overwhelmed and so proud to have been a part of my school. I”’m just overwhelmed by all of this.”
And it could be easily said that Ancilla College was overwhelmed by graduate and benefactor Dennis Emmons as they honored him with the very first “Charger of the Year Award” for service to Ancilla College and it”’s athletic department.
“We were happy to be able to give our first “‘Charger Award”’ to a person that sets the example for what this award is supposed to mean,” said Ancilla Athletic Director Gene Reese. “Simply, what more could you do for the college? He”’s done so much for the baseball program, for the basketball program — he”’s done things for the college. We”’re really proud to present this award to Dennis.”
It would be hard to find a student athlete at Ancilla College who has not been touched in some way by Emmons, who created the school”’s male athletic “dorm” — The Pointe — and has used his influence, both monetary and emotional to help add some guidance to many young men”’s first stay away from home. His support of the athletic programs at the college has been instrumental in making sure Ancilla athletes graduate and head on to further their educations.
“I”’ve received so much more from these athletes than I”’ve ever given to them,” said Emmons in accepting the award between Ancilla men”’s and women”’s basketball games at the LifePlex on Monday night in front of a capacity crowd. “I just feel so humbled and proud of whatever I”’ve been able to do to help these young men.”
A graduate of Plymouth High School and then of Ancilla College, Emmons has been a key figure in many capacities. His support of Ancilla Athletics has been constant since his days at the school.
“I want to highlight the (athletics) program and challenge other Ancilla alums to become Ambassadors or adopt the other Charger teams,” said Emmons of his involvement. “If each sport had an alumnus helping them, supporting them, getting to know the guys and gals in our programs, they would get just as much out of their involvement as they put in to their volunteering. This is my ministry, I truly get attached to these guys and my reward is their relationship that is lifelong.”
Emmons was reluctant to accept the honor at first but decided to do so after getting some advice.
“I decided that I would accept the honor after I got some feedback from Joe Yonto (Ancilla Head Baseball Coach) and Dave Liverance (Ancilla Assistant AD and Girls Head Basketball Coach),” he said. “If we can shed some light on the great work of our AC Coaches and Gene Reese then why not?”