As eight retire from CCHS, Anderson reflects on 39 years

Culver Community High School's faculty and staff saw retirees with nearly 200 years of combined service honored prior to the close of school, including (from left) Donna Schwartz (a teacher for 35 years), Cheryl Geik (25.5 year teacher), Ron Stevens (35 year teacher), Peggy Keller (19 years an aide), and Regina Anderson (39 years the High
School's secretary).

Not pictured were Julie Kitchell (25 year teacher), Lane Shedrow (18 year custodian), and 8-year bus driver Joe Hendricks.

All retired last this month, at the close of the 2012-2013 school year.
By Sam Mellott-Shoffstall, Culver Comm. High School

As the news of the retirement of Regina Anderson sinks in, Culver Comm. High School faculty and students alike are reflecting on the importance of secretaries in our school.
The school personnel relies on secretaries to keep the school running. Along with Anderson, the front office also depends on Kim Hurst as well as guidance secretary Sandy Master and bookstore treasurer Suzanne Pugh. The middle school secretaries, Tammy Shedrow and Joyce
Hanselman, are also valuable to the corporation.

The job of the front office secretaries includes answering and directing phone calls, taking attendance count, preparing teaching materials, and creating documents, such as the athletic programs.

The job of the other secretaries are just as important with Pugh and Hanselman keeping track of students’ lunch accounts, school money, and the financial status for clubs and organizations. The guidance secretary helps with college applications, financial aide, and transcripts.

She also works with scheduling, making appointments for the counselor, and part-time nursing.

Regina Anderson has been employed at Culver for 39 years, some while serving as an aide. She likes to read, quilt, solve puzzles, ride her bike and go fishing, but that is after she is done with her job in the office. Anderson’s job does not just stay at the office, though. She has helped after school by taking tickets at the basketball, football, softball, and baseball games. She has also worked the clock for volleyball, while making sure the record books are up to date for volleyball and basketball.

“The best part of the job is the people you work with. You get to know them because you work with them so long. We all get to know one another and be-come closer. The only thing I can say bad about the job is getting out in bad weather,” said Anderson.

Even though Anderson will not be back in the fall, her best memories will be the friendships she has made while working here and winning
sectional, regional, and state championships.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article originally appeared in The Caval Crier, Culver Comm. High School’s monthly newspaper, and is reprinted here by permission of Crier editor Dana Wireman and faculty sponsor Vickie Benner.