Eberly resigns as UW president

MARSHALL CO. — Chris Eberly, president of the United Way of Marshall County board, resigned Monday effective immediately.
Eberly came on as president in January 2011, replacing former president Rick Kreps, who also resigned.
“During my term…we have encountered a degree of changes, that I truly believe are all for the better,” said Eberly in his letter of resignation to the board Monday.
Eberly said that his position at Teacher’s Credit Union is expanding and he will be moving to St. Joseph County in the near future.
“I am excited about my future changes, but I will miss some of the close bonds I have made over the past 13 years here,” continued Eberly. “I will still have a presence here in Marshall County, and as long as I have children here I will continue to be a Cornerstone Partner and Leadership Giver to UWMC.”
Francis Ellert, former vice president of the board, will be the new president. He will complete Eberly’s term, which would have been up in April 2013, and also serve his own one-year term.
“I know with (Ellert’s) knowledge as a business leader, as well as a previous campaign chair, the direction of our United Way is only up,” said Eberly.
“I’m excited to serve in this capacity for the Marshall County community,” said Ellert Tuesday. “United Way is very near and dear to my heart, and I’m very delighted to continue my service.”
Ellert said he has “a lot of ideas” but will focus primarily on building a strong board and working to sustain and grow the annual fund that United Way member agencies rely on for support.
Board members are voted on at the annual meeting for United Way of Marshall County.