Earthworks to be vendor for new local Whole Foods store

PLYMOUTH - One local market has a big reason to be celebrating St. Patrick’s day in a big way.
Earthworks Market will be celebrating the normal holiday along with the news that they will also be forming a partnership with one of the nation’s top food chains, Whole Foods. The soon to be opening Mishawaka Whole Foods will feature bread from Earthworks.
“We applied to be one of their local vendors,” said Sr. Sue Rogers of Earthworks. “We had to go through the regular process, meet with their regional managers and the bottom line is we were accepted.”
“We are very excited about this. I mean we are really excited about this. Who would have thought something like this would happen. It’s great news.”
The partnership is a good one given the way each company is run. Earthworks does painstaking research on all their ingredients to be sure that they are natural and good for the earth. Whole Foods mission statement specifically spells out their dedication to carry natural and organic products, without any artificial additives.
“We go to great lengths to be sure all the ingredients of everything we sell is good for the earth,” said Sr. Sue. “We know where all the meat we sell comes from, we make sure all the grains and products that we sell meet that criteria. It takes a lot of work but we think it’s worth it. It insures that everything our customers buy is a responsible product.”
Another local vendor “Simply Birgit” body care products will also be a local vendor for the Mishawaka Whole Foods store. Simply Birgit is a line of completely natural body care products made by Birgit Biehl.
As part of their St. Patrick’s day celebration Earthworks will be serving corned beef sandwiches and St. Joseph’s Day cakes on Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.. In addition any family who comes in dressed in green will get a prize of five mini cupcakes.
Earthworks Market is located at 900 W. Jefferson in Plymouth. You can learn more about them online at You can learn more about Whole Foods at