Eagles beat Penn for Clay Regional title

SOUTH BEND — Kevin Park avenged an early season loss to Penn’s Leonard Hickman to give the Culver Military Academy Eagles the South Bend Boys Tennis Regional title Wednesday afternoon.
Park beat Hickman in two sets (6-0, 7-5) for the third team point, all three coming in singles. No. 2 Wilson Wu and No. 3 Quinlan Smith provided other points.
"Tonight in a way was a big step in Kevin's mental and physical growth, and what I mean to say is that you've watched Kevin melt down on a couple occasions, said CMA head tennis coach Alan Loehr. "Two years ago, he fades away and probably gets penalized. Last year he fades away and doesn't fight. This season he's managed to keep his emotions in check more than ever, and coupled with the fact that he was able to get into good physical shape... and he's not getting tired so I think that helps him settle mentally."