Drive safely this holiday season

Staff Writer

The INDOT Northwest District would like to share these tips for safe driving during the holiday season.
Wear your seatbelt
Make sure you and your passengers are properly restrained – this is the single most important thing you can do to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones if involved in a motor vehicle crash.
Seat belts are your best defense against a drunk driver.
Always use the seat belt properly – using only the lap belt does not protect you as well in a crash.
Never drive impaired
Avoid alcohol and drugs if driving.
Assign a designated driver.
Immediately report impaired drivers to law enforcement.
Spend the night where the activity is being held.  
Drive defensively, not aggressively
Aggressive drivers take unnecessary risks and often cause crashes.
Avoid eye contact and ignore gestures.
Report aggressive drivers to the appropriate authorities.
Drive attentively
Avoid the three most common distractions: Cell phones, CDs (or radio) and coffee (or other beverages and food).
Get enough rest to avoid fatigue.
Take frequent breaks every two hours and stop at a gas station, restaurant or rest stop. Get out of the car, walk around, even jog or do calisthenics. Exercise fights fatigue.
Share the road
Look out for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and commercial truck drivers.
Slow down, pay attention and obey the posted speed limit.
Stay out of the “No Zone”, which is the blind spot on the passenger side of the truck.