Drainage board addresses Tippecanoe, Plymouth projects

PLYMOUTH — An area southwest of Tippecanoe will be a little drier if the Marshall County Drainage Board has its way.
The Board held a public hearing on the combining of two watersheds in the area and putting them on a maintenance assessment to repair damage. The Board will combine the watershed for the Mechling Drain - a small watershed - with that of the Brockey Ditch that runs next to it.
The action will allow the board to collect enough money in the assessment to repair and maintain the drainage in the area. The Mechling Drain has fallen into disrepair and local landowners were finding it difficult to keep up with maintaining the tile.
Both watersheds were small enough that assessments collected didn’t allow any funds to build towards actually repairing the ditch. Combining them solves that problem.
“My recommendation is to combine them so that if you have a problem you have the funds to address it,” Surveyor Larry FIsher advised the board on the matter.
The Board will begin looking at addressing the Logan Drain in the southwest portion of Plymouth. FIsher told the board that the drain was an agricultural drain that needed to be upgraded to a storm drain due to the large development of the area.
The drain serves several subdivisions in the southwest area of Plymouth such as Tall Oaks and Fairfield Farms. Some of the area lies within Plymouth city limits but the majority is in Marshall County jurisdiction.
Fisher asked that several members of the board meet with him to work on the assessment for the area which he called “...a complicated watershed...”
Board President and Commis-sioner Kevin Overmyer agreed to work with Fisher along with Board Member Dave Miller. Fisher estimates that the project will cost in the neighborhood of $208,000.