Dee-Tour, Day 4

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Day 4 started with a journey to Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de-Shay) National Monument near Chinle, Ariz. The canyon is still home to approximately 70 Navajo, according to one of the residents who was selling his artwork at an overlook on the South Rim Drive. The views along the South Rim Drive are absolutely gorgeous, and the canyon also contains ancient ruins. Maintained by the National Park Service, Canyon de Chelly is located in the Navajo Nation, and best of all, admission is free.
Next came a road trip through parts of Arizona and Utah where the red rock formations of Monument Valley dot the landscape.
Finally, my butt got so big that it was in four states at one time. The Four Corners Monument is nothing more than a large plaque in the ground next to a Navajo flea market, but the novelty alone makes it worth the stop.