'Dancing with the Stars' event coming up

PLYMOUTH — Her career has been backstage at Plymouth High School, but she will be one of several taking center stage Saturday, Feb. 5 as part of the Neighborhood Center’s fundraiser “Dancing With the Stars” at Swan Lake Resort.
Jane Faulstich and her partner Patrick Pendexter will try to win the title by gaining your votes and contributions for the center. Faulstich — who teaches theatre at Plymouth High School — is drawing on her “vast” experience as a dancer for a good cause.
“I was in Crimson Connection in high school with Mr. (Bob) Pickell — and now he’s my competition,” she said. “Karen Barden (president of the center’s board) called and asked if I’d do it and at first I was a little hesitant because of my schedule. I thought who would want a partner with those kind of time restraints.”
She found one when Barden paired her with Pendexter — who also was a part of the competition a year ago.
“He’s really been patient with me,” said Faulstich. “I’m one of those people who doesn’t know my right from my left. Literally. In driver’s ed they’d tell me to make a turn and I’d have to ask which direction it was.
“He’s made it kind of funny — and that’s great for me because I can play that role a lot better.”
Also dancing for the Neighborhood Center are the teams of Mary Raimondi and Robert Pickell, Esther Thompson and Devan Garcia, Margaret Roahrig and Michael Downs, Kathy Overmyer and Kevin Guy, Drew Hettich and Mewsette Cartwright, Larry Holloway and Chris Collier, Albert Hanselman and Lynne O’Brien, and Mark Ringenberg and Joy Carter.
Married couples dancing are Dennis and Francis Beville, Dan and Nancy Schmelter and Robert and Chris Pickell. Youth dancers are Cameron Carter and Emily McKenzie.
Voting is going on now at www.events.org/neighborhoodcenter.