In the Dailyness of Life ...

Heading from the kitchen into the garage, I froze in my tracks.
My husband, right behind me and not expecting my sudden “reverse gear,” nearly pushed me right on through the doorway.
Steadfastly riveted, I only used eye movements to give my husband a clue.
I was rendered totally speechless.
A mouse sat boldly on the dash-board of the car I drive most often.
While I remained frozen in place, Mark managed to come up with a plan.
He went back through the house so he could enter the garage by another access door, and quickly snagged the fishing net.
He attempted to catch the culprit off guard.
The intruder was definitely still sitting inside our blue car. But as Mark ducked down to approach, the uninvited visitor disappeared.
So, before leaving, Mark retrieved some peanut butter, hoping the critter was indeed hungry and would dine on peanut butter unsuspectingly while we were gone for the day.
Of course, the “special treat” had been placed on two mouse traps.
He then asked me if I was really sure I’d seen something. Oh yes, indeed!
And I would drive “a different” vehicle that day, thank you.
We later met with friends for dinner and the hilarity of my “quick reverse” was a hot topic.
Later that evening, my dear husband verified that one of the traps had worked, confirming what I’d seen.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
The following day, it took courage to revert back to driving my blue vehicle.
I had to assume there had only been one peanut-butter loving critter intruding my world the previous day.
Though fairly confident there would be no further problems, I admit my hesitancy in heading for Chicago.
At one point, I managed to keep my cool, even though I thought I felt something quickly brush against my ankle.
I knew I had to dismiss any genuine focus on having felt anything unusual.
There was no time to chase a mouse – and I had no intention of dealing with it either.
To this day, no further intruders have been noted.
But the memory of that surprise dash-board sitter will ALWAYS be remembered.
Sometimes in the dailyness of life I appreciate those little things that DON’T happen.
Thank goodness!
“In the Dailyness of Life ...” appears in the Advance News each month. A licensed clinical addictions counselor, Yvonne Riege lives near Wakarusa. She enjoys hiking, biking and 5-K race/walks with her husband and spending time with family. She can be reached at