Culver Wings restaurant debuts

Most Culverites have heard (or said) in recent years that the one dining option Culver may be missing, with the disproportionate
number of fine destination restaurants for which its known, is what Culver-raised entrepreneur John Zehner calls "a moderately priced, family friendly place."

The kind of place, he says, where diners can order wings, burgers, or (in this case all-beef) franks.

That's the need identified and addressed by way of Culver Wings, which opened yesterday (Feb. 15) at the site of the former Yacht Club, at 115 E. Jefferson St. in the downtown Culver area.

That locale has undergone several iterations in recent years, from the former Culver Cabana (under two different owners), to the 115 Grille and most recently, the Yacht Club. All have tried their hand at aiming for various markets within Culver, but Zehner hopes Culver Wings will
offer just the right mix.

"We have upgraded our kitchen leadership, chef and staff," he explains, "to allow us to do several great things not possible before. We have several flavors of wings from mild to extremely ‘hot’ and I do mean hot! Among several of our daily fresh choices (are) our own fresh, hand cut fries. We also have great, all-beef franks with several topping choices including Chicago and Cincinnati style. We
have several salads and a couple fish selections. We have several entrées for weekly specials to support our base menu and give folks a rotating choice."

And yes, the beloved (retired) school bus for which the building has been known since its Cabana days, is still a fixture, alongside two walk-up ordering points added over the winter, to speed up service in the restaurant and for carry out. Limited table service is still available, but Zehner says management expects most people to utilize the walk-up service points. A full-service bar area is also still

The new business is already being promoted through the Yacht Club's Facebook page, but Zehner says Culver Wings should have its own page by the time readers see this article. Culver Wings may be reached by phone at 574-842-4291, and hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 5 to 11 p.m.