Culver projects set to move forward

PLYMOUTH — It may be possible that work at Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver will begin before the spring thaw.
Marshall County and the Town of Culver agreed to undertake the replacement of the outlet pipe on the lake hoping that replacement would take place during the fall when the lake levels are low. Permits for the work could not be secured and it was thought that the work would have to wait for the 2011 fall season.
Contractors for the project, however would be willing to undertake the job during the current winter months when it would also be possible. While the project waits the 18 days required for residents to file remonstrances against it, the city will undertake to find the location of any utilities in the area of the pipe.
If there are no buried utilities that have to be moved near the pipe, the work can begin once the remonstrance period has passed, assuming there are no remonstrances. Any utilities buried in frozen ground would have to be relocated when the ground is thawed.
Marshall County High-way Superintendent Neal Haeck — whose crews will assist in the project — reported to the Marshall County Commissioners that the other tricky part of the operation has also been started. The pipe must be replaced in a manner that has absolutely no affect on Lake Maxinkuckee, therefore the exact same pipe for replacement must be procured.
Haeck has begun the process of finding the pipe and said that while his crews have been very busy with snow removal, if the contractor decides to go ahead with the project he will have crews to help.
Lake Maxinkuckee may also have a new sewer system soon.
An agreement between the Southwest Lake Maxinkuckee Conservancy District and Marshall County was approved by the Marshall County Commissioners to provide residents of that area of the lake access to Culver sewer hookups.
The Limited Easement and Right of Way Agreement would include a security bond for the contractor on the project of $250,000, similar to agreements between the county on projects with Koontz Lake and Pretty Lake.