Culver hires Leist as new town manager

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

After several months of searching, the town of Culver has officially hired Jonathan Leist as its new town manager. Culver town council president Ginny Munroe has confirmed that Leist will begin his tenure February 16.

The new town manager, the search for whom began after former manager Dave Schoeff resigned in October -- brings with him experience as a manager and 11 years of experience in municipal work, says Munroe. Leist oversaw the Solid Waste District for Huntington County in Huntington, Indiana.

"Some may associate him with our previous town manager (Schoeff), as he also came from Huntington, but they did not work together or know each other," Munroe explains, adding Leist received his Bachelor of Arts degree from IU and a Master of Public Administration from Indiana State University.

"We are excited to work with Jonathan, as we think he will bring professionalism, experience, energy, and fresh ideas to the community," adds Munroe. "I think he’ll enjoy handling day-to-day operations, but also strategic planning for the future of Culver. He expressed a strong desire to work in community like ours, and he was motivated by what he read in our comprehensive plan. I think he will be instrumental in helping us implement the goals in our comprehensive plan and the projects we are currently working on."

Munroe says Leist and his family wife and two children are already making plans to move to the Culver area. A more detailed feature on Leist will appear in a future print edition of The Culver Citizen.