Culver firefighters extinguish Peru Court house fire

No one was injured in a Friday evening fire at the Hadley home at 604 Peru Court in Culver, where outdoor grilling appears to have been the cause of the primarily exterior blaze. Firefighters responded in full force to the fire siren to the house, from which some residents as far away as the Culver beach said they saw flames shooting into the air.

The fire appeared to have started on the south side of the house and spread from there, said Culver police officer Chad Becker, assisting on the scene. He added the homeowner noted he’s grilled many times in the same locale, leading to speculation that the lengthy drought afflicting the area may have contributed to the fire starting.

One bystander had high praise for the speed with which volunteer firemen began to arrive at the station, which he said was within one minute of the siren, which went off between 6 and 6:30 p.m. Within three minutes, he added, the first truck was racing to the scene.