Culver-filmed ‘Savages’ movie finds distributor

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

"Little Savages," a movie shot in Culver during the summer of 2013 and featuring a host of well-known Disney Channel and Hollywood actors and actresses has officially found its distributor and is now being sold in the various International markets, according to James Simmons, producer of the movie.

The film was shot -- and set -- on location in Culver during the month of August, 2013, by small, faith-based film company Bearfruit Films, and involved actors ranging from Leigh Allyn Baker, Jamie Kennedy, and Kenton Duty, to Katherine McNamara and Adam Hicks, among others.

Archstone Entertainment has been signed on as distributor for for the movie and began licensing the film in Berlin in February, according to a recent email release by Simmons.

"We are obtaining close to our high ask price on the territories they have already sold and there are more territories that will be licensed in mid-May at the renowned Cannes Film Festival," he added.

Archstone is also promoting a new international trailer for "Little Savages" which features plenty of familiar Culver scenery, and may be viewed online at

Simmons adds that Millenium Entertainment (recently acquired by Alchemy) will represent the domestic rights for "Little Savages."

"Details are still being worked out," he continues, "but this could come in the form of TV original premiere that airs on ABC Family or Disney XD. It could manifest into a limited theatrical release. Domestic release is still being coordinated. Overall, we are very pleased with Archstone as a distributor and we are in a great position with 'Little Savages.'"

Simmons adds that it's possible "Little Savages" could be available on DVD for the public by Christmas, though again, nothing has been firmed up as of now.

"I'm really happy with the outcome," he says of "shopping" the film to distributors. "A number of distributors liked it and made offers."

It's not impossible, depending upon response to the movie, that a sequel could still happen. That notion would certainly go well with the actors involved.

"We had a great relationships with all the actors," Simmons notes. "They would all love to come back."

"Savages" is one of three films Bearfruit has produced to date. Its first, "Rumors of Wars," may now be seen on Netflix and the DVD is in select stores and online.

"It's doing really well," says Simmons.

"Griddle House," a film the company shot in 2014, is close to completion and will be taken through the same steps as "Little Savages."

A premiere event for "Little Savages" was held to a packed audience last Labor Day weekend at the Lake Maxinkuckee Film Festival.