Culver dons jammies to fight ALS

Culver area students and businesses donned their pajamas one Friday last week, both to battle ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), long known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, but to support a Culver girl's tribute to her late father.

Reilly Reinhold, who lost her dad, Rob, to ALS earlier this year, expanded a fund-raiser she executed at Culver Elementary last year, to include local businesses by way of the Culver Chamber of Commerce. Employees at participating Culver entities could choose to wear pajamas to work in exchange for a donation to the ALS Association of Indiana, and a number of businessespeople joined the endeavor, besides allowing Reinhold to place donation jars at their locations.

Students at Culver Elementary joined the crusade as well, and if the number of pajama-clad youngsters filling the school that day were any indication, the effort was a success.

Pictured is Sandi Michalski, one of many members of the Culver business community who donned sleepwear for the cause. Sandi is a regular barista at the Culver Coffee Company on Lake Shore Drive.