Culver Community Schools adopts balanced calendar schedule

Jeff Kenney, Citizen editor
Staff Writer

The ­Culver Community School board voted to formally adopt the "balanced calendar" scheduling model at its Dec. 1 meeting, following a survey sent to students' parents which reflected a 75 percent majority in favor of the move.

Of the 780 parents surveyed via take-home questionairres, 586 voted that the school -- which held two meetings within the past year to discuss the matter with the public -- should shift to the new schedule.
Of the staff surveyed, 89 of 95 also voted in favor of the change, according to Culver Comm. Schools superintendent Dr. Vicki McGuire.
More details on the decision, which will go into effect at the start of the 2015-2016 school year, as well as its possible impact on the well-attended Culver Boys & Girls Club after-school program, will appear in the print edition of The Culver Citizen.