Culver Christmas greetings, past and present

Sledders on "Liberty Hill" (Liberty Street in Culver, which the town shut down for that activity many years past), in a 1920s photo provided to the Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver by the late Robert Waite.
Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

"It's Mid-Century 'Christmastime at Maxinkuckee," said the Culver Citizen headline in the Dec. 20, 1950, issue, which followed with a charming reminiscence which will surely evoke memories of Culver Yuletides past, and resonate in its depiction of what still hasn't changed. Read on...

It is a Christmas in which several local servicemen will be away from their old home town, and so for the sake of the record and particularly for their benefit , we would like to describe Christmas at Culver ala 1950.

Winter, which blew in with a storm at Thanksgiving time, has tenaciously hung on in this vicinity and it appears that the usual hope for a white Christmas will be fulfilled. The kids have already been cavorting with their sleds on good old Liberty Hill. If the temperature continues as it is, ice skating should be in vogue as the bay and outer edges of Maxinkuckee already have a nice coating. Improvised shacks already dot Lost Lake as the fishermen are trying their luck. State highway workmen and town street maintenance men headed by Leo Warren have had their hands full in keeping thoroughfares open.

'The State Exchange Bank, the Post Office and all local merchants report there has been a rather heavy rush of business. Bank officials explain that the flow of money has been as heavy or heavier than that of past years. The stoppage of mail brought on by the rail strike last week brought on no stoppage of anxiety here as it did other places.

For a while it appeared that cadets at the Academy might have to delay departure for their annual Christmas furlough. Fortunately they were able to leave on schedule here on Saturday.

.....The Christmas season here had its usual and splendid opening a couple of weeks ago with the presentation of the candlelight carol services at the Academy. On the Saturday afternoon before, Santa Claus was host to scores of youngsters at the public library.

Tonight, judges appointed by the sponsoring Lions Club will judge the home decorations throughout the township and winners in the competition will be awarded a generous total of $75.

The descriptions of the current season would not be complete if we failed to mention the usual wintertime interest in the local basketball team. Winners over Plymouth and Winamac, in competition last week, the Culver quintet met Knox last evening and tomorrow they will engage Washington of South Bend.

Sunday schools and ehurehes are enthugiastically contributing fine programs in this year's festive season. While it really isn't a true Christmas for many with sons and brothers in the service and others anticipating a call to the service , everything will be done to keep the home fires burning until such a time as everyone can again participate in a true season dedicated to Him who said, 'Peace on earth, goodwill toward men.'

And back here in 2014, The Culver Citizen continues to wish each and every one of our readers the merriest of Christmases and a joyous New Year!