Culp promoted to Det./Lt.

PLYMOUTH — The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department has a familiar face as a new Detective Lieutenant.
Duane Culp — a veteran of more than 20 years service in the Sheriff’s Department — successfully completed the promotion process and takes over as third in command at the Sheriff’s office with the appointment.
The process is an exhaustive one that began under outgoing Sheriff Jon VanVactor and concluded shortly after new Sheriff Tom Chamberlin began his duties.
“It’s at least a two to three month process,” said Culp. “It’s a good process. They look at your years of service and what you’ve been asked to do, then determine if you have the knowledge and qualities to take on the duties necessary.”
Each candidate must hold the title of Detective Sergeant for at least three years before they can be considered for the promotion to Lieutenant. Then candidates must pass a written exam in addition to an interview with the Sheriff and the Merit Board who then makes the final decision on the promotion.
The main change for Culp will be the addition of many administrative duties to his job description.
He will oversee programs such as TRIAD, Offender Watch and reviewing press releases. He will also be in charge of being sure evidence is properly collected and will oversee major crime scenes.
“I like the challenge of taking more responsibility on my shoulders,” said Culp. “I like that challenge. I want to take on the job in a way that will make the department proud and the Sheriff. He’s the boss.”
“I’m looking forward to taking on the administrative responsibilities now. Being third in command at the Sheriff’s Department isn’t something you just walk into. I hope it will prepare me to move up the ladder someday if I should have that opportunity.”