County services go online

MARSHALL CO. — County residents and business professionals now have a new option when it comes to some county services.
Marshall County rolled out online permitting Tuesday.
“We are now offering a 24/7 service, not just an 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. service,” said Shawnda Wenino of Marshall County GIS.
Individuals interested in renewing their contractor registration or getting a food service or driveway permit can now log onto the Marshall County website ( and click the online permitting link under “County Services.” The entire permit application process can now be carried out online from the comfort of a home or office.
“Our goal is to have building permits, septic permits, complaints and variances available online in the next couple of months,” added Wenino.
County building commissioner Chuck DeWitt introduced the online permitting process to other county employees and business people in the community Monday during a press conference at the Marshall County Building. After filling out all the necessary information, two people in each department are emailed with your request. Some permits could take as little as five minutes to register for, while others that involve action on behalf of a county department (for example, a driveway permit requires Highway Department personnel to perform several inspections of the area) could take a little longer.
DeWitt said that the company that built the online permitting process for the county, The Schneider Corporation was “the perfect partner” for the project.
“This system was designed to make things easier for everyone,” commented Schneider Corporation representative Andrew Harrison.
He added, “We are very proud to have Marshall County online today.”
The Schneider Corporation also worked on the county’s GIS system Beacon.
DeWitt noted that while permit fees can be paid online, the county is still accepting payment via mail or in person.
Wenino said later that the process to start online permitting has been in the works as an idea for quite some time, but the work really began in August.
“The service we are providing to the community is the main thing,” said Wenino.