County EMS monthly report

James Master

Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary and EMS Clerk Mary Lynn Ritchie gave the department’s monthly report to the County Commissioners at the commissioner’s meeting on Aug. 6. Ritchie started by informing the commissioners that the run volume had increased.
“You can see our run volume is up and if you look down to the transfers the percentage is up. That’s one of the higher percentages that has been since the other transfer service came in,” stated Ritchie. She stated that in the month of July, the department had 190 runs and 48 transfers. 18 of those transfers were from the last week of the month. “The volume is there we just haven’t been getting any of them,” she said.
Clary stated that he has heard back from the state on how quickly the department needs to become compliant with their reporting. The state has advised them that they must become compliant by Oct. 1. If the department does not show progress towards becoming compliant by Nov. 1 it will be fined $500 per occurrence. Clary stated that the department had two demonstrations from different reporting software systems.
The first one Clary talked about was the Health EMS Mobile Touch. That bid was $9,792 yearly occurrence. Both systems are cloud based. The second system, ESO, was estimated at $5,000 more than the first bid according to Clary.
After some discussion the commissioners approved the first bid which is the five year agreement with Health EMS Mobile Touch for $9,792 each year.
Clary provided the commissioners with quotes for five laptops that would be placed into each ambulance that would sync with the Health EMS Mobile Touch and provide the hospitals with faster data. The quote was for five laptops totaling an estimated $8,000. Clary stated that the quote is high due to the fact that the laptops are “rugged” and are durable. The price also includes a three year warranty with each laptop.
The commissioners asked Clary to come to them at the next commissioners meeting with other quotes to compare them with the quote already presented.
For the complete article, make sure to look for it in the Aug. 17 edition of The Starke County Leader.