County buildings will undergo energy audit

PLYMOUTH — The county will take a look at government buildings and energy use in the coming months.
Mark Heirbrandt, of Ameresco came before the Marshall County Commissioners to discuss an energy audit for the county's buildings.
Commissioners Jack Roose and Kevin Overmyer had met with Heirbrandt at a recent conference and discussed the possibility of Ameresco performing the audit on county properties.
Ameresco will take two years of county utility bills for each building to examine trends.
Then, they will perform their own inspection of the buildings, looking for problem areas in energy consumption and putting together plans that could be implemented for making the buildings more efficient. The service would come at no cost to the county.
Heirbrandt told the Commissioners that new grant programs that reward energy efficiency were in the works at the federal level. Ameresco would also work to write grants to help the county cash in on some of those programs.
Ameresco makes its money from partnering with the county on any construction projects that would be undertaken to help with energy consumption in the county’s buildings.
Commissioner Jack Roose has been seeking money for replacement of windows in the Marshall County office building.
Two rounds of grant writing have gone unrewarded in trying to find money to replace windows in the building that are in need of repair.
The Commissioners gave Heirbrandt permission to perform the audits and report to the county on energy use in all county structures.