Council reorganizes; makes final decisions for 2012

BREMEN — The council opened last Monday with the reorganization of personnel in two commissions, the Economic Development Commission, and the Redevelopment Commission.
After voting, the results of the Economic Development Commission were as follows: Larry Grebe as president; John Fowler as vice president; and Dennis Bilinski as secretary. The Redevelopment Commission voted for position changes as well: David Holmes as president, John Fowler as vice president, and Dennis Bilinski as secretary.
Larry Long, town engineer, requested a change order be approved for the Sunnyside Park Expansion Project. He requested $2,200 for the contractor, Vrcm Incorporated, to move and grate the asphalt millings present at the site. The ultimate goal of the project is to expand Jane’s Park to the south, turning the farming field into little league football fields. The motion for the change order was approved.
In the coming sessions, the council will sign documents in regard to the motion which was approved last week to join the Marshall County online permitting program. This program will not change how inspections take place, it will simply provide a way for contractors to apply for a building permit online. The program, the council determined, is really a convenience for the contractor and may financially benefit the town long term.
At the end of the meeting, the council itself was also reorganized. Rick Graverson was nominated and approved for president of the council. In addition, Jim Leeper was approved for the position of vice president.
Heath Thorton, who has been president this past year, gave his thanks to the council. “I would like to thank everybody… It’s great to work with a great group of board members, superintendents, everybody involved,” he said. “That’s another thing that makes Bremen a great town.”
After Graverson was officially nominated as president, he reappointed the department heads and various board members. The council will reconvene after the start of the new year.