Council gives accolades, revisits concerns

BREMEN — Bruce Jennings, principal of Bremen High School, received the District 2, High School Principal of the Year award and was recognized for it by the Town of Bremen during the most recent monthly council meeting.
Jennings has served in Bremen for more than 25 years, and said upon hearing the words of the council, “I am very grateful for all of this. I have had so many accolades, letters and cards from all over the state of Indiana, even from different states,” he said. “It has been wonderful to get all of the accolades. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the supportive staff I have, the students, and parents, and community. … I am proud of Bremen. I truly bleed green.”
In other matters, the town attorney, Anthony Wagner, discussed the need to decide whether or not Bremen will join Marshall County’s online permit site. The county is creating a program to ease the acquirement of building permits; it would allow contractors to get their permits online, and would smooth out some of the current kinks in the system. Councilmember Trend Weldy said it seemed like “…a convenience for the contractor.” Other council members agreed that the online permitting site appears to have more positive attributes than negative, and it was noted the town could get out of the deal with the county within 90 days if desired. The motion was passed.
At the last council meeting there was much active discourse concerning the biological oxidation towers at the wastewater treatment plant. The towers have some water leakage problems; it could potentially be a rather costly and large problem if left untouched. It had been suggested that a product called Mountain Grout might be the solution to the leak, but the council desired to seek some outside advice before proceeding with the grout.
The town engineer, Larry Long, spent the week talking with sealant experts at the Adhesive and Sealant Council based in Maryland. The council has 55 members composed of both companies who produce sealants, as well as service consultants. The town will fill out a form describing the specific problem of the towers and send it to the sealant council. The companies that believe they can help will contact the town.