Cook enjoys Indy job experience

INDIANAPOLIS — While one dream came true for a Plymouth High School graduate, another one of hers fell just a little short.
Jordin Cook, a student at the University of Indianapolis, dreams of a job at ESPN. After her weekend working for Safe Management, a company that does security for Super Bowl and big events like professional games for security and guest services, it was a dream come true. It was her first “big event” and she hopes for many more to come.
The dream that fell short? Watching her favorite NFL football team and favorite quarterback win the championship in front of her very eyes.
“I’m a huge New England Patriots fan,” she said. “Everyone in our section favored the Giants and I was very sad, but I had to keep my smile.”
Cook got the opportunity to work the Bowl in Indianapolis Sunday after another student had left a flyer looking for students who met certain requirements.
“They hired a ton of people,” Cook said. “Last Saturday, we had to do a four-hour training session, listening to speakers and a slide show on how to prepare us and then we toured Lucas Oil Stadium. We had to be aware of all the exits, restrooms, and how to talk to people, help them and how to deal with issues or how to address any problems,” even though she affirmed none came up.
Cook said, “Sunday morning, we had to be at the convention center to sign in, and from there we got our assignments from our supervisor. I had the privilege of working in the club seating, and it was an amazing experience.”
Cook was able to serve upper scale game-goers. “It was just an honor, it was so great,” she said. “We knew we could work anywhere from being outside in the cold to inside seating people so I was lucky I was able to be inside.”
When Sunday finally rolled around, she said she was a little nervous when the gates opened at 10 a.m.
“From then till 2 p.m., I was just walking around my area, getting myself familiar with the restrooms, exits, concessions, and we had to be familiar with anywhere people had to be seated.”
Since she was working with those a little more fortunate than others, she was able to bump into a few celebrities. “I got to see (rap music star) 50 Cent,” she said, “It was awesome. I looked at his ticket and pointed in the direction of his seat, then I realized who it was. I was actually glad I didn’t know ahead when I first saw him so I wasn’t star-struck. He kept coming into our section and asking again where his seat was.”
Overall, Cook’s experience will be a fond memory. “Everybody was nice and friendly, they took their direction and it was a wonderful experience. I’d do it again in a heart beat. The next Super Bowl is in New Orleans, though, so I doubt I can do that, but it was an awesome experience. Safe Management very professional and knew what they were doing and I was very prepared.”