Community Spotlight: Dr. Donald Harman

James Master

After a short hiatus we’ve decided to continue the Community Spotlight. The spotlight this time is shining over towards Oregon-Davis School Corporation, highlighting Superintendent Dr. Donald Harman. Dr. Harman was born and raised in Warsaw and graduated from Purdue University. He later received his teaching degree and teachers license at Ball State University. After that he received his superintendent’s license and doctorate from Indiana State. He became superintendent of Oregon-Davis in 2016.
When asked why he wanted to become a superintendent, Harman stated “I’ve always said this, that when you’re a classroom teacher you can have an influence on that group of students. I used to coach too. When you coach a team you could influence that group of athletes. When I became a principal you could have an influence on those students in that building, the staff in that building, the parents. But I think when you become a superintendent then you, obviously, have that influence and can impact the students in your whole corporation, the community, parents, the teachers, and the staff.”
Dr. Harman went on to add that as a superintendent, there is a particular type of leadership that goes along with the position. “Becoming a superintendent, I firmly believe in servant leadership. That it’s my role to assist our teachers and our staff to be able to educate all our children and students.”
As superintendent, Dr. Harman recognized that he was just one part of the process of the education at Oregon-Davis School Corporation. “Everybody in our organization is important,” he said.
When asked what his favorite part about being involved with the corporation is the family atmosphere. He also talked a bit about the advantages of a smaller corporation compared to a larger school corporation.
To read the full article look for it in the June 8 edition of The Starke County Leader.