Community rallying in support of injured teen

ARGOS - As an Argos teen continues to fight for her life an entire community is rallying around her and her family.

Courtney DeMont was critically injured in a vehicle accident on Kenilworth Road on April 18. Since then Courtney has been in critical care slowly fighting back from her injuries, while the entire Marshall County Community has prayed for her recovery.

Courtney’s father Dan DeMont told friends and family yesterday that her recovery continues as doctors begin the weaning process to take her off a ventilator currently helping her breath.

Dan reports that doctors hope to have Courtney off the ventilator by Wednesday and have scheduled a small procedure for that day to provide feeding and tracheostomy tubes as her recovery continues in small steps.
Meanwhile the community is taking large steps to help Courtney and her family with the mounting bills surrounding her care.

This Saturday the Argos Fire Department will host a bake sale and car wash at the Argos Fire Station beginning at 10 a.m.

Dave Mullaney whose son Sean was also injured in the accident and one of the events organizers says it’s a matter of helping a family concentrate on their daughter.

“I know what it was costing us with just the little bit of time Sean was hospitalized,” he said. “Driving back and forth, meals - I know Dan runs his own business and obviously he’s not working now so there is no income coming in while the bills mount up. It’s something that we can do to rally behind them to allow them time to focus on Courtney.

“One thing I always seemed to be good at was raising money for the soccer team so this is just something that I can do to help,” said Thomas Kline, also helping put the fundraiser together. “All the kids in Argos know each other and their very close and everybody wants to do something to help.”

It isn’t just Argos that is reaching out to the DeMonts. Kline and Mullaney have had donations from all over Marshall County and beyond.

“I went to Rochester and spoke with the manager at Auto Zone and he told me to take a bucket and fill it up with things,” said Mullaney. “I brought it up front and he said ‘Oh you have to have this in there, and you can’t leave without this’. By the time I left he’d added a lot to that bucket.”

“We’ve had businesses from Bourbon and Culver giving,” said Kline. “A lot of Plymouth businesses have been very generous.”

Along with those donations there has been no shortage of help offered by friends of Courtney.

“Sean was really affected by this and I know he’s been very anxious to help,” said Mullaney. “When he went to school and asked the kids for help it was just overwhelming. People have been stepping up all over to help with baked goods and other ways.”

“We’ve got lots of kids volunteered to help wash cars and do whatever we need on Saturday,” said Kline. “More help is always welcome. We’ll start setting up at 9 a.m. on Saturday at the fire station just come out.”